Suggestion: Report Upgrade

I would like to suggest a minor yet essential part to the report system.

  1. the option to structure reports with bullet points and line skips…
  2. the option to take a picture while within the report. a picture says more than a thousand words and portrays the issue clearer.
  3. the option to take a low quality recording from within the report which upon report starts uploading slowly in the background.

note: as someone working within the IT field and along with developers i honestly feel disapointed seeing such incompetence… sorry about the language but realise this.

the less feedback & report options your customer/user has the less you recieve and the higher the rate of messy reports are… and image & error codes are essential as they literally show “what is the issue”… this shortens the time wasted on reading and deciphering what people meant regardless of how well they speak/write.

furthermore… i think you are in violation with gpdr as the report feature sends info you are not informing the customer/user of… you should inform them that you recieve info of who/where/when it was sent along with if it takes a clip from chat log. for a large company you sure dont act like it or you hid the accept within the long EULA…

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