[Suggestion] Salvage Improvements

Hello there :slight_smile:

With all due respect, the way Salvage works atm is a little unfair and missing out on potential.

I would like to suggest that the Salvage ability become a sub-profession like fishing.

Merely getting a few repair parts 0.50 gold and a few materials, is kinda boring.

What I would love to see is the better your salvage the skill the more raw materials you get back as well as repair parts, faction tokens for PVP gear maybe even some rare resources drop! Maybe higher ranks of Salvage reduces repair costs!

Anyhow, just thought id drop the idea to see what folks think, thanks for reading and feedback or thoughts very welcome.

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That’s an interesting idea. Would love to see more professions in the game that can keep me busy and offer more revenue opportunities (generate coin).

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could even sync the salvage profession into engineering, i.e through engernering, you could make tools.

heck, they could even add in new nodes in the work, like shipwrecks etc ect where you can run around and salvage hoping for sweet sweet loot :slight_smile:

We can only dream. I’m hyped for the next content drop, although I’m just getting started with what we’ve got right now.

My friend… let me introduce you… to the real end game…

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