Suggestion: small changes for more realistic animals

Hi AGS, just some thoughts to add more realism to the natural world for your consideration:

  1. Wolves, pumas and lynxes should be allowed to lie down occasionally. They’re so tired from all the patrolling/standing around.

  2. If a wolf/puma is patrolling and they come across a turkey, have them attack the turkey, at least some of the time. It’s odd to see predators and prey just amicably walk past each other all the time. Sometimes it feels like all the animals have a conspiracy to work together against the humans… especially once you read the various journal pages. :wink:

  3. Allow solitary pack animals to feel fear, and turn tail. For example, when fighting a wolf with other wolves around, they behave as they do now, helping each other. But when fighting a lone wolf, with no other wolves around, roll a die and some of the time have him run away in fear, especially if fire weapons are involved.

  4. Turkeys can flap their wings to help them jump in RL. Allow turkeys to occasionally jump up onto obstacles that the player can mantle. They like to get up where they can see danger coming.

  5. The alligators are spending too much time walking around, especially on land. It’s that animal conspiracy again, I’m sure. The alligators should be spending most of their time in the water, staying still and waiting for their prey to approach, with only their eyes poking out.

  6. Sheep are generally gregarious creatures; safety in numbers and all that. Aeternum is a weird place, so maybe the sheep don’t like each other, but once in a while - or maybe in some locations, there should be little flocks of sheep that hang out together and run away as a herd when you approach.

  7. Elk… everybody is so darned solitary on Aeternum. Would be nice to occasionally see a buck with some does, or a herd of deer, all scattering in every direction when you approach.

EDIT: 8. One more thought - if you’re being chased by a puma/lynx/wolf and you run past a turkey, sometimes the pursuer should get distracted and follow the turkey instead, since it would be the easier meal. This could add a new element of strategy where you’re being chased by something you can’t defeat, and you spot a turkey in the distance. You run past it, hoping your pursuer takes the bait… XD

Just my 2c. Thanks for the game.

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Absolutely love this feedback! Nice work :+1:

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