SUGGESTION: Small musket zoom improvements

Hi, just some thoughts I had from using the musket a lot lately. I’m enjoying being a sniper, but there’s some aspects of this that could be better:

  1. I’d like to suggest that the musket zoom out faster when you let go of the right button and you’ve had the zoom enabled. Essentially, your toon is moving his eye away from the eyepiece of the zoom lens, so the change to normal view should be instantaneous. That’s a little too abrupt, maybe, but the current zoom is a little too slow and feels laggy because it takes a little too long.

  2. It would also be a nice-to-have if the zoom setting persisted between uses of the right-button. Every time you go into zoom mode, you have to turn the mouse wheel to zoom in again, which feels both tedious and unnatural. This could be made an optional setting so as not to change things for players who prefer it this way, but imo it would be appreciated if the scope didn’t zoom out each time I put it down.

Thanks for considering

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