Suggestion: Sync players to a level cap per zone


Level sync is a feature, common in other MMORPGs, where players’ attributes are temporarily lowered to a similar attribute spread for players of the target lower level. It is done to keep a sense of challenge and fairness in both PvE and PvP activities and encourage new players to participate in the content other players have been doing for months.

Each zone in New World has a recommended level bracket (i.e. 1-25 for Everfall), so the idea is to temporarily sync level 26+ players to level 25 while they are in Everfall, for both PvE and PvP purposes.

For this suggestion, weapon mastery, equipment traits and such don’t need to be sync’ed, but they could be shaved if they seem to provide too great an advantage.

Problems this feature attempts to solve

  • PvP : Players don’t want to flag for open world PvP because of the level disparity being a crippling disadvantage above a certain treshold.

  • PvP : Players who want to PvP but are underleveled can go do so in an area where the level cap is close to their level and feel like they’re helping and not target practice.

  • PvE : Players who want to clear all the quests in the entire open world can do so while capped at an appropriate level for the area they’re questing in.

  • PvE : Expeditions can always be run at an appropriate level where a certain amount of challenge is maintained.

In general, it fights the idea that “the game starts at level 60” and makes the game friendlier to players with a slower pace. I feel it would greatly help with player retention over time.

Thanks for your time!


Maybe I am missing something - but I think the Corruption in those areas is supposed to be handled by characters above the level cap.

Corruption in the starter areas is doable with a few level 25s, I don’t know about the higher ones but such “event”-type content can easily be adjusted to the zone cap if it was a problem I’d guess.

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