[Suggestion] The only way to fix all dupes, and it's simple as hell!

Current transaction system in NW has a fundamental flaw. If a transaction fails due to uncertainty caused by lag of one side, server should not give an item or gold to a disconnected client, instead server should delete the item. This is how things work in banking. It happened to me once, I tried to buy the game (Minecraft), and then my internet lagged, as a result I didn’t receive the key but my money was gone. I had to contact my bank to resolve the issue, and got my money back. The reasoning of this is the simple fact, that such situations are extremely rare and should be handled by support tickets if the amount of disappeared wealth is high enough. Changing time frames in which cheaters should disconnect to dupe gold or items will do absolutely nothing, dupers will find another 100 ways (trade, dungeon drops, chests, AH, selling inserted gems and cancelling, etc., etc.).


I agree that the game should, when that happens, just not give anybody anything and wait for a ticket to be manually handled in each case, just like you suggested.

The “little” problem is that the implementation of your suggestion likely requires a rewrite of many parts of the engine, basically everything that involves the moving and/or creation/deletion of items. What AGS is trying to do right now is band aid the issues AFAP to make the billion exploits stop. They won’t stop, however. They will unfortunatelly increase in number and frequency until AGS actually and properly fixes their game or people start caring.

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