Suggestion to add a "For Sale" section in "Enter House Menu"

I have 3 houses in Aeternum currently. One is a 5000 house, one a 10000, and one a 15000. I spent a good chunk of time decorating each of them and I think they look pretty nice. I’m approaching a point where I wish I had bigger houses in particular cities for the sake of storage, and it feels confusing and bad that the only way to handle getting rid of one of my houses is to abandon it and suffer the whole loss of its cost.

What if I could list my home For Sale? What if when other players were shopping for or examining homes they could see houses that were For Sale in the homes list? It could allow me to get rid of my home so I could purchase a new one, and I could see a net gain if people would pay a high or even price for a well decorated home.

From that menu prospective buyers could make offers for the owner to sign on or send back a higher ask. There are other interesting ways the actual purchase could take place, this is just the first that came to mind.

Thanks for reading; I’m interested in any discussion spawned by this idea.


A really good idea

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+1 On These, For Those Who Are Not Really Good At Decorating But Want Somewhat Decent House ( Including Me OFC ) And Reward For Those Who Love Decorating On Their Free Time

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