Suggestion to quality of life for house owners

Tldr; When we get gear presets, I would like it to be related to housing and furnishing.

I have now played this game for 1300h, and I’m going to start giving some suggestions to what I think this game needs, and housing quality of life is first.

To improve on the benefits of owning houses and give furnishing profession some love, I propose a functional furniture solution.

New World has a lot of different armor sets to manage and entering inventory/storage to switch between combat, gathering, refining and crafting gear is far from optimal.

So here is my proposal.

Armoire: 1 saved Combat armor preset.
Tall Dresser: 1 saved Gathering gear preset.
Short Dresser: 1 saved Refining or crafting gear preset.
Chest of Drawers: 1 saved Bag preset.
Vanity table: Required to save jewelry in presets.
Weapon Rack: Required to save weapons in presets.

There are 6 sets for crafting, 5 for gathering and 5 for refining.
So that means you need 10 Short Dressers and 6 Tall Dressers to have easy access to everything related to gathering,refining and crafting.

I know some people who like to have gathering luck on their combat armor that can skip the Tall Dressers, and that’s fine, but I like the gathering sets, because they look awesome.

When it comes to Armoires, they could be limited to house tier like storage chests are, for a theoretical max of 12 combat armor presets.

To save presets, you interact with an appropriate piece of furniture and select the gear you want for that specific preset and assign a name and icon.

Add a UI element like the emotes window where presets are selectable.

If a preset requires gear in that’s in storage, you need to be in your house or interact with storage shed in the town where the gear is stored.
Crafting and refining gear should have the option to be flagged for storage so that it will be automatically returned to storage when unequipped, since they have no use outside of towns anyways.

To use these presets out in the world, you will need to have the gear linked to presets in your inventory.
This could also be a possible azoth sink, for example 25-50 azoth for instant quickswap and between 5-10 seconds swap without azoth.

If you take damage, all presets start a cooldown that prevents you from quickswapping gear in combat.

A probable scenario:

“You are out in the world mining while flagged for pvp, you spot a pvp flagged enemy attempting to ambush you, press the preset UI hotkey and instantly quickswap your pvp gear before enemy reaches you to be ready for combat.”

Now, I know that this has probably been suggested before, but this is something I’ve wanted since launch, and I really hope that AGS include housing and furnishing in this quality of life update that should be inevitable.

It will be disappointing if this kind of feature is just handed to players without any requirements, or even worse, cash shop quality of life feature.

I am not saying that AGS devs should drop everything to program a system like this or something similar right now, but it would be nice to see it on the horizon.

That’s it for now, next post will probably be my thoughts on improving aptitude system.

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