[Suggestion] Toggle between bulk crafting list view and watching individual crafts

The recent update changed crafting so that it no longer shows each individual item, instead showing all completed items in a list view.

This is great for levelling your trade skills, and anyone who doesn’t want to waste time when mass crafting.

However, it takes a lot of the enjoyment out of crafting for me and waiting to see what colour and perks came out next was what made crafting really engaging for me.

If I’m about to waste a few hundred thousand of materials, I like value for money and to draw out my inevitable disappointment. Wondering if any others feel the same?

It would be great if you could toggle how you want your crafts to be processed, either straight to list view of completed items or watch each individual craft.

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Hiya, thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile:

I understand why you would want a toggle for crafting! I will pass along your suggestion to the Dev team to review.


Definitely feel the same. Gave this feedback several times on PTR.

I would like to see some type of more rewarding experience in crafting. Slow it down a bit. Give the crafter a chance to see the work as it progresses and abort the craft of an item if looks like it won’t result in a exceptional quality piece. the current system leaves you feel kind of empty - collect mats for weeks of cool downs only to see it disappear in a flash and results in items you do not want. It is even worse now that you do not get to see each one and quit in the middle. That change IMO took the crafting experience the wrong way. I would not only like it back to the individual craft system we used to have but take it a step or 2 further. Make the whole experience more rewarding even if it takes longer to do. When I craft I am not in hurry. I would rather see the system have some checks along the way for a crafter to decide to go on in the process for a single crafted item. A system that may allow you to save some of your cool down mats before consuming them all. Like what a real life crafter would do. I think folks would know what I am talking about here. If you ever made something from scratch in real life you know long before you finish a project if it is going to be exceptional or not. I know this is a major change to what we have, but I think this type of system would be a better experience for the crafter and not simply leave everything to the RND engine.

Another thought or enhancement would be to somehow incorporate aptitude levels in the gear score.

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