[Suggestion] Town Donation Box

Many of the player base have over flowing storage - items that just don’t sell on the marketplaces - kept “In case” they are needed, but I was wondering if we could have a town donation box, that we place items into and it basically gives us “Territory Standing” bonus.

Small amounts of bonus, depending on items added.

  • Basic resources (woods, stone, herbs, weak potions pots) - minimal amounts
  • Tier 2, 3, 4 - medium returns
  • Tier 5 - best returns - but all still just a little bonus, considering the 300 odd levels of TS.

Just an idea I thought to share.

A more fluid solution could be to change the gold-cost for town-owners to material requirements and letting the “town” be an actor on the trading-post. Would probably ensure decent buy-orders is always present in the TP. (more viable/interesting option if they end up not linking TP afterall)

Would give gold instead of territory-standing though…

Another thought would be to give all resources a minimum base amount in coins, then folks could turn these in for their weekly house taxes.

Adding more “Gold” - with the potential of it being abused, is a problem. :frowning:

With so many other “Gold” sources being removed, I’m doubtful they’ll add it. Territory Standing has 300 levels in 13 area… thus using resources we farm, buy, etc… could help players, who don’t have all day to play.

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I’m Kind of a fan of them Adding one NPC to each town. That we can vendor our unwanted goods to. Some items aren’t worthy of going on the Ah. But, I feel like some of those items have more worth then to be broken down for materials. Even if for trivial amounts of gold.
Then to have that one Vendor also have the option of repair single items or all items in our inventory. For a higher amount of gold. (for those who for some reason don’t have materials) The Npc could tax services provided (in keeping with the games town tax system) Taxing the items being sold Or fixed.

So many players dont understand what to do with the items that are used for crafting?
Either they are in such high availability that you dont need to store them, or you start using them to empty your storages for your own purpose.

Selfmade problem, selfmade solution.

You call this boxes “town boards”. Already in the game

I mean do some of you guys even play the game?

I was suggesting an addition. If I have 2000 flint and no one wants to buy it, I would just drop it on the ground… but if I have a box I could just dump it into for 100 territory standing, I’d at least get something.

I mean there is literally a town board quest to donate flint…

Ohhhh I get it. It is just another troll post

I’m not a troll. It was a simple drop box of donations for TS - outside of the town board missions.

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