[Suggestion] Town invasion issue and Project Board idea

Suggestion for QoL of small companies, in the rural towns of the game, that don’t get much traffic.

  • Each mission, a stipend can be collected in the back ground, that has nothing to do with the players.
  • Stipend has a restriction to be able to collect it.
  • If the town doesn’t “Profit”, from regular game taxes per week, then the stipend is added to help boost the growth of the town.
  • The more players are involed on town board missions, the more money that is added to the pot, the more it could help balance the towns and keep growth of towns.

Another issues - Invasions.

  • I’m constantly battling these invasions with a sheer lack of players interested in the stagnant battles - and - how much I am losing.
  • Example - I’m still trying to get the upgrades back that I lost via town missions and already I am going into another invasion tomorrow and haven’t completed the town projects yet - due to lack of players - or - interest.

Name - Olgit
Server - Amenti (EU)
Town - First Light - (Leading First Light)
Company - (left for another server - I have a commitment made to Amenti community.)

I don’t know what else to do.

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