Suggestion: Trading post

Is it possible to send an offer for a item that is on sale in Trade Post?
sample :
After clicking the left click on the purchased item, there should be a “Offer” option.
After pressing the “offer” option and typing the amount to be offered, the “make an offer” button will be clicked.
A notification will be sent to the seller. If the seller is interested in the offer, he will approve it and the item will be sold directly or he will be able to contact the buyer directly.
and if there is more than 1 bid on the product, the person preparing to bid will be able to see the highest bid.

pls we need this

Maybe you need this?

But WE dont need this

yes yes not for rich

Kinda like the idea, although I’d suggest a change: don’t add it to the trading post, instead make it a separate instance. An “Auction House” where sellers can set the minimum price, maximum price “b/o” and the duration for the auction.

So basically vanilla wow AH. Sounds great