[Suggestion] Wipe everything besides what's equipped

Okay here is my suggestions.

Wipe everything [gold, items, trading post, storage] besides character & Profession levels, the items quipped or in their inventory. Create a $5,000 Gold Stimulus and Tax & Azoth reduction for a month or so.

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Bad solution, the exploiters will keep all their gears.

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But they’d have one helm, shoulders, gloves, pants. I’m sure that wouldn’t break the system. This would please people who worked hard for their prized one sets without punishing the people in the right.

Not all servers are affected equally. My server has virtually no issue. Wiping it would punish us for no reason.

Nice troll. They will get bans so fck it. They cant take all the gold back but it wont care in the long term for the igm economic. Prices will fall when theres to much gold and rise when there is to less. So to much Gold out there is better for casual players.

They’d get to keep gear bought with duped coin and/or duped items. It would be a bad solution.
The only way to deal with this are permanent bans.

Besides what’s equipped. Meaning the top tier gear they bought from dupers with RMT money?
Just do a server wipe. AFTER cheaters and exploiters have been banned and cheats and exploits fixed.

yeah you say that but I’ve worked my butt off to get to 60 and some gear.

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