[SUGGESTION] World Transfers

Doesn’t have to be implemented now, but in the very near future would be a great idea.
Right now people don’t want to just “Choose another World” because of a long queue wait time. They want to make sure they pick a World which won’t die after 2 or 3 weeks after all the hype and when Streamers move on to Battlefield2044 and whatever else comes out. Implementing World Transfers could not only please people in carrying over their work to a new World, but could make Amazon money too. $10 a transfer seems like a reasonable price, even I am willing to pay it.

Cannot Transfer across servers, only worlds. Whatever happens in NA EAST stays in NA EAST.
Must not have a character already made in that world.

I can agree with this… however the Team at Amazon has already indicated that they will be giving free transfers in the near future. Little patience, and we will all overcome.

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Oh, they did? Where was I when they hinted this during all the betas lol? Thanks for the reply, good to know they are considering this already.

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Yeah man, it was in their Launch Day Announcement I believe…

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