Suggestions and Observations. Thanks you

As someone who has played for over 320 hours, I have noticed a few things and wanted to bring them forward.

Side Note: I doubtfully will reply to any responses to this post, as honestly, I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions. However, I will add to this post when I see other things that I feel are important to add or consider.

  1. You need to consider is New World PvP/PvE or a Blend? As if it is a Blend, like intended, you need to start considering the actions of both sides and doing a better balance and check. So far, some of the decisions, have been abysmal.

If it is PvP, focus on the PvP side of things and leave the PvE in the dust as you can’t please both sides easily. One side or the other will get the short end of the stick unless you change some of your core code. (IE: Spells/Effects and Abilities function differently while flagged, etcetera).

If it is PvE? - I’d hang up the game now. As that’s not how the game was intended, and you would lose your base. Period.

  1. You need a Play Test Environment. You need Beta Testers who are accountable for things, and if caught doing questionable items on the live server, ‘once patches went live’ would receive permanent bans, etcetera.

  2. You need ACTIVE in-game, Game Masters. This, taking several weeks to address bots, and gold sellers and such? Come on; it’s not like you don’t have the financial capabilities to have a handful of people delegated to these responsibilities on each server. Of course, this would also leave people to police/mute people who violate chat rules, or was all of that just bravado?

  3. Out of Game Group to discuss (responsibly): Both PvE/PvP and blending things. Have an open forum of some of the players. Not all of the players! As you can see in the forums, conversations can quickly turn into attacks and slanderous remarks, etcetera. Once the ideas are hatched out, they can be presented to the next step, etcetera. I feel, vetting it through at least a portion of veteran players in your base would give you an advantage. Other companies are just starting to do this now, and I feel it is a good decision.

  4. Cater to your regions a little better. You have the workforce. Don’t have your downtimes in the middle of prime time for EU as an Example. That is bad timing and a deplorable decision for a company if you want to remain a global competitor.

  5. Balance Experience between PvP and PvE. I just hit level 60 on PvE not that long ago. While PvP levels much quicker. (Now, I am not saying slow down PvP or speed PvE up). I’m leaving that call up to the team based on the surveys they received. However, I will almost guarantee that if you got “Levelling was too fast, it was likely a PvP player.” In my opinion (yes, we all have them).

  6. You wanted to maintain a Real Lifelike atmosphere in the game? Don’t link the Trading Posts. Part of the game was about looking for an item and travelling. Yes, this is a pain some days. However, that is a reality? Is it not?

7A) Flipside: If you go ahead with the Shared Trading Posts, we should have a Shared Storage Shed. As we Discover new regions, our storage shed should grow. So, 1150 for Everfall, 1150 for Brightwood City, etcetera. You really can’t incorporate one successfully; without including the other, it would seem really out of place? No?

  1. Balancing Weapons. There are still some weapons that need to be balanced, and I am sure you know which ones they are from the forums. I won’t go into detail here. I only ask that you don’t knee jerk react, over flex the fix, and consider that some of the reaction is just people ‘reacting’ to things finally working on them, as it hadn’t for so long.

  2. Balance Armour by Type (PvP/PvE). Good one. PvP armour. With the correct gems and such. I can hold off any attack in Light Armour. Then the question comes up, is the ‘healer’ too powerful? Or is it a combination of the two? Or is it that the armour is too powerful? Something to consider.

  3. Skills are levelling nicely; I am levelling at a reasonable and solid pace as a PvE player. I have several gathering skills at 200 and a few refining at 200. I spend time working with the family to help them level, so I am not hardcore grinding. However, I don’t yet have any crafting skills at 200. So for those who do, congratulations.

  4. Gold and income. I find that it would be nice to see gold re-introduced into chests. Not saying lots; I am just saying some.

  5. Weekly set property taxes. The Base amount on property taxes is too high, limiting the casual player from purchasing and maintaining a home, perhaps lowering this? It would have several benefits, including seeing some of the Furniture selling in the market, as currently, if I am not mistaken, that is a dead trade skill.

  6. Company Chests/Transaction Logs. It would be fantastic if something were available to the governor and their right-hand aids to have a small storage area? 50lbs per member, and this could store stuff for PvP battles and such? With a Log, everyone can deposit, only two ranks can withdraw?

  7. Lower Weight on; Food, Potions, Ammunition. Okay, please don’t shoot me on this one. But we do need to consider lowering the weight on these things. I don’t say getting rid of the weight entirely, but reducing the weight would be nice to see. I don’t even use the Bow/Musket, and I am advocating for reducing the weight of their ammunition.

  8. Lights. Is it possible to consider a lantern or something that we can perhaps have an alchemist create that provides a light level or two around us when it gets dark? I don’t have any issues, but I have heard of some players who have night times concerns.

  9. Locked Items, not being locked. Okay, when I lock an item. I should not be able to auction said item. Sell it, or do anything with it, other than put it in my shed. Please add this!

  10. Amber Gems. This should be a relatively easy fix? You have the code for Intelligence gems. Should you not incorporate the same basics and change the stat it is calling up to Focus?

  11. Shields. Still an Issue? Shields

  12. Tutorials. For Crafting, refining, gathering. Not a bad thing to add? For consideration.

  13. How to run a City. If you happen to take over a city, there should be a tutorial or something on how to maintain and run it.

  14. I will update as I think of additional items.

In closing, I believe the team is doing the best they can with the tools and resources that are available to them. However, I feel there is a great amount of room available for improvement if you want to see New World shine as intended. I want to thank all the front-line staff dealing with the Forums, the customers, and the escalations. It is not easy dealing with a customer in person and far harder dealing with a customer in an impersonal manner such as the internet. Kudos!

Lord Antioch

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