SUGGESTIONS: February QoL and Known Issue List Community Wish List

Since it’s near the end of January and the next big focus for New World in February is dedicated to Bug Fixes from the Known Issues List with some QoL features, majority of the Known Issues List still have unresolved past bugs from previous patches which is the main reason why February is dedicated to resolve these pressing matters. On the other hand, Quality of Life (QoL) improvements are steadily being introduced into New World which majority of the time leaves a positive impact on the game for players abroad for much needed changes.

However, not all QoL changes will make it into New World, so, with this topic, I would like to express two personal QoL suggestions that are much needed for the game. I would also like the community to chime within this thread so it can grasp some exposure for CM’s and or Dev’s to read and brainstorm on some of the communities suggestion to improve the QoL longevity for New World. Let’s get started.

Trading Post: When canceling orders, currently, the player is canceling each and every order from “Sell Orders” via “Active Orders” under “My Orders” folder to cancel individual selling item. A much needed individual and “ALL” check boxes on the left side of the “Name” column is needed so players can select however many items they wish to cancel Active “Sell” Orders. This will ease the player with canceling individual or All active orders up to 100 items. It’s extremely exhausting to cancel 20 or even 30+ Active “Sell” Orders currently just by clicking on the singular item and “Ok” after each notification prompt. With the check box system, players would receive the notification: You are sure you want to cancel these Orders? The remaining items will be deposited to your inventory." The player would click either “Yes” or “No” to complete the transaction and items that are checked for confirmed cancelation will be sent to the players inventory as they are currently. This QoL will be a game changer and a improved gaming experience which also saves time a player could be buying and selling on the Trading Post.

Elite Chest Daily Reset or Global Cooldown Timer: This QoL is much needed in New World if the future holds more Elite areas with Elite chests for looting which currently prompts a cool down period before the player can return to the Elite area to open Elite Chests. However, there is no current notification to when the player can return to open Elite Chests. Players will need to remember when they went to the Elite areas and loot the first to the last Elite chest so the timer will begin and end. The rule of thumb is, you’d want to run your elite chest run the next day based on the last elite chest you’ve looted in that area so all Elite chests are “fresh”. So, for example, If I looted the first Elite chest in Scorched Mines at 9:00am (EST) and the last Elite Chest at 10:00am (EST), I will be running my Scorched Mines run any time after 9:00am (EST) the next day since it’s a 23 hour cooldown period.

Stockpile and lesser quality chests refresh every hour, this is widely known already where players can return to these type of chests to loot once per hour. To the average player, they do not think about this. A visual “timer” on the “Journal” tab would solidify when the player can return to said areas, which there are numerous areas players go to loot chest. Scorched Mines, Myrkgard, Imperial Palace, Eternal Pools, Sirens, Mangled Heights and Malevolence are the “key” areas players attend to loot Elite Chests. This can get confusing to the player of when they started to loot their first Elite Chest in any one of those areas throughout the day and they all do take roughly 45 min to complete, with the exception to Pools because that’s a very short Elite Chest run.

On the other hand, and more favorable QoL to Elite Chest reset would be a “daily reset timer” for players. So globally, this would be known when players can start their runs each and every day instead of figuring out when each of their Elite Chests in numerous areas have been reset. However, there should be some penalties with this daily reset so player’s are not “double dipping” elite chests back to back due a reset timer. For example, if the daily reset timer for all Elite Chests in New World is set to reset at 11:00am every day, players who are currently looting Elite Chests in Scorched Mines (or any other of the Elite areas) within the hour prior to the daily reset timer will NOT be grandfathered into the daily reset. That will count towards their area reset until 11:00am the next day. So, if you are looting Elite chests from 10:00am-11:00am, those chests will not reset at 11:00am daily. I know some players may not be onboard with this idea, but, it does save the player from “double dipping” elite chests back to back. I can foresee individuals looting one elite chest 5 or 10 min prior to the daily reset and “double dip” into the same chest 5 or 10 min later. This would also serve the purpose of players not acquiring specific named legendary weapons, gear or materials back to back with “double dipping” into the same Elite chest twice a day.

In conclusion, I think these are two pretty solid QoL improvements the game currently needs. I hope this topic can grasp some traction from the CM’s and Dev’s over at New World for some future ideas. As far as the community, what other QoL changes would YOU like to see in New World. Let’s brainstorm together and let our ideas thrive for the better for New World!! Thank you!!


I’m going to try and focus on QoL improvements rather than big sweeping changes. I can’t see the base weight multiplier being changed from 0.1 to 0.01 for example :wink:

Points to my thoughts on storage yard improvements: Storage Shuffling and my thoughts on improvements. In short, reduce the weight of some items in the storage yard and allow us to craft quivers/bandoliers of ammo that weigh 0.5 each and act as a chest to contain 50 of that ammo.

Azoth encumbrance cost should be a percentage based upon your total bag capacity rather than carried weight.

Crafting… Let’s be honest, despite a great start, crafting doesn’t feel like it’s in the best place at the moment. Levelling up above 100 feels pretty bad in that you pay to throw away the vast majority of items made. The top end crafted items are also pretty lack lustre with better items often being available from drops.

Increased quantity of Flux and Sandpaper dropped from chests. You can get a good feel for the supply/demand of refining reagents by looking at the trade post and the prices being charged for them. Cheap tannin, middling weave and sandpaper & flux at silly prices.

Orichalcum & Ironwood aren’t plentiful enough or in accessible areas. Though Tier V, these items are all grey (common) quality, and required in high quantities for making items at levels 150+. A few more nodes and possibly increased yield would help and make that 150~200 grind a bit more bearable. That said, the issue is that they’re need to level up, if we had alternative efficient recipes to make then most of us would be happy with that.

Increase the amount of resources dropped from elemental creatures (e.g. wolves) or reduce the harvesting time to match the tiny amount gathered.

Review the XP granted for crafts based on the amount of resources required across all of the professions. For example a Wyrdwood spear (12 Wyrdwood) = 3192xp, Layered Leather Glove (4 Infused Leather) = 1512xp. Even without taking into account that Wyrdwood is more difficult to obtain than leather 3 times the primary resource should be 4536xp.

Equipment sets. Maybe a bit bigger than time available, but allowing us to quickly equip different sets of gear.

Another one that may be a bit bigger than the time available, but please reduce the chance to get nonsensical perks/stats on crafted items. Weapons should really only roll the attributes they scale from plus constitution and some perks should never appear on some items (Hated on life staffs). Also either remove durability or make it reduce the repair cost (or damage taken) too, it’s s dud mod as it stands.

Something for fishing that isn’t a nerf :smiley: All we’ve really had is a bit of gear and coin being removed from chests.

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actually fixing fishing full stop would be great, no aptitude chest dropping on level completion sucks so does getting bait as a reward

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