Suggestions fo the Game

(1) The first thing i would like to suggest is allow swimming. It just doesn’t feel like real when you walk on the bottom of the water. I understand that some of the game content uses the water as a way to make players use bridges use a stam bar to make sure this is still working.

(2) One of the bigest things is the ability to be able to customize the layout of the UI. I should have the ability to be able to move all the elements to where i would like for them to be.

(3) Each player should have the abilityto be able to mark way point pins on their own maps. maybe having an added extra feature that allows player to shre map point with group or friend could be nice.

(4) Each company should have the ability to have a company controlled storage. This storage should be purchased by the company and it should be only available in the cities that the company purchases it in. I would call Company storage and could be like purchasing a house in a major city except more looking like a large barn or what not. Additional storage would require furniture addon builds and city quest to increase the value. the companies gold will be used to keep up the storage tax for each additional purchase storage. just like a house no tax paid can result in losing storage.

(5) The coping and pasting is a tough one for companies trying to recruit and get new members on their gaming voice channel. Having a place to type in company information and a working ability to use MOTD would really be a life saver.

(6) I would like to see woodshopping be able to craft a cart that the player can bring into the world and store stacks of wood ore or whatever in. Make it pvp if the toon has pvp on and this makes it fair game if another pvper attacks and kills them they can take the payload.

Thanks for taking my suggestions in consideration Sabreena -Adlivun NE server

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