Suggestions for Bow

  1. Perk in Hunter tree to reduce heavy draw back time by 25% (instead of Bulls Eye)

  2. It needs an actual immobilisation mechanic rather than slows. Replace Rain of Arrows with something like Paralyzing Shot, stunning target in its tracks for 1.5 seconds with perk 1 to increase duration by .5 seconds and perk 2 to allow use of the ability twice with 20 second recharge intervals. Then shift the Rain of Arrows talent from Skirmisher to the Hunter tree to replace Splinter Shot as Splinter Shot is pretty atrocious.

  3. Rapid Shot to instead of doing 3 consecutive shots to allow the next 3 Shots from your bow within 5 second be almost instantaneous heavy/light (balancing to be taken into consideration) attacks with .25 of the draw back and renock time. Perks remain the same. It just means you arnt standing still while all three arrows are being shot out and you can remain slightly more mobile.

  4. Craftable Quivers that increase ammo capacity by 500 > 750 > 1000


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