Suggestions for game

Hi, I’d like to make a few suggestions for the game if I may. First of all the game is amazing, very clean cut game and very fun. However I’d recommend a server switch for people who didn’t get in the server they wanted, I also Highly suggestions mounts or some means to get to areas faster other than just walking. I’ve heard lots of people say it feels like a walking simulator at this point and especially bad for people who don’t like to stop and get materials or fight things along the way so it’s just walking. Another recommendation would be the option to TP to your friend once for free instead of having to walk 3 continent’s away just to meet them and have combined quests while in a group together. I hope that you guys intend to add more classes to the game at some point as I love magic related classes but fire, ice, and heal seems very basic. I was hoping for some sort of drain life, resurrection, maybe illusion magic classes. Just my personal opinion though, thank you for reading!

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