Suggestions for improving gameplay

Good evening all,
While servers on EU cluster are starting to get back online i’d like to suggest a few things that i hope/think will make the gameplay better.

  1. Would be nice to be able to teleport to cities, once taged/discovered from everywhere on the map every 30/45 min with a small fee in azoth ranging from your position and the city you are willing to teleport.
  2. Shared deposits for items after paying a fee once the city is discovered or after you reach a reputation rank within that faction, would be useful when crafting.
  3. Less drops for blue and in general items from dungeons, its way to much drops for a run , it ruins economics and crafters and specialy fun.
  4. Zone quests, would be nice to have events around the map (now everyone is chopping trees, and breakin stones ) so once you are close to that zone to have an invite mesagge to join the fellow adventures battling the (i see corrupted portals atm ) as exampple. Idea is to have a light quest list.

Ai i see it you did a pretty good job for not letting the servers crash on day 1 with the game launch, anyone hwo is a bit older i think remebers the launh day’s and queues and specialy crashes once you were close to login to the game or barely logged for a few hours starting with Wow, Aion, GW,GW2, Lotro, SWG , ESO so kudos to that.

I’m pretty sure there are other peps with good suggestions too, so since i noticed this “limitations” jsut wanted to throw my 2c.


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