Suggestions for smaller scale PVP arenas and war lag

Let’s face it, most of us players that love to PVP have had enough of war lag, loses or unrewarding feeling wins with the lag and here we are again with another patch and another slide show of wars happening. AGS this is not fun and is truly ruining the experience for us players. it has been months of this happening and while I am not a DEV or game designer, I think it’s time you guys’ face reality of what’s happening.

It’s time to lower the war player count to 40v40 or 30v30 to at least try and see if its better for us players. Whatever you guys keep doing with these patches is not working. Even when the lag is “not so bad” it’s bad. there hasn’t been a single war I’ve been in where at some point either myself or other players are teleporting. It truly can’t be that hard to test out wars on live servers with a smaller number to see how things go. This is becoming a huge problem and just keeps happening over and over with every patch and is truly making most PVP players not enjoy the game. On our old server we had called a seize fire and the pvp had completely died down.

Arenas and smaller scale PVP ideas:
Small scale 5v5s would be so much fun in NW but I would like to see more PVP modes without AI and brutes throwing balls through walls at me. OPR is fun but honestly, I think the PVE element causes lag and let’s be honest the PVE AI is absolutely broken.

Would be cool to see a new mode with no AI say 5v5 with a new style of faction gear you work for or even just choose when you enter the arenas. Have 3 classes, 1 healer, 2 ranged/mage DPS, and 2 Melee. once u pick the class you are locked to specific gear to use that is like faction gear but at a new GS say 600 or 625. This would be a balanced way to make a PVP arena where GS doesn’t matter, and we can have a competitive environment for PVP.

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