Suggestions on Arenas PVP XP cap

Forbidding users to play your game is pretty weird, isn’t it @Luxendra? But unfortunately this is happening at this moment. Let’s talk about arenas and make better game together!

The arena is the pvp activity that many players has been waiting for. In terms of gameplay, it is very good, thank you. But people don’t play MMOs just because something is “very good”. In MMOs, people are chasing the development of their character. Rewards for arenas (for azot salt) are very symbolic. But even this did not bother the pvp players. Do you think they need some HP potions or umbral shards? I think people will agree with me that hardcore players already have a good gear and their main goal (in the absence of a pvp ladder wtf) is to progress in the pvp experience scale to the best rank. To get a unique title. And the developers stopped them by limiting the experience gained for the arena. You can understand because of frustration that people have when reach the cap (“its a bug. its cant be cap. it will be ridiculous”).

On the other hand, limiting the number of reward for arenas per day offends not so hardcore players. They gain critically low experience when they are defeated and can’t advance in rank because there daily limits on “defeats”. And they get ZERO azot salt and can’t buy anything (only by playing arenas).

In summary, creating a cap negatively affects all groups of players. And the announced 25% rewards for reaching the cap do not solve this problem. Hardcore pvp gods do not receive a worthy and well-deserved reward for their victories in a fight with other alive players. And casual players have no progress at all and they have to painfully play even more matches in order to achieve some kind of result and rewards on arenas.

My suggestion 1 (if you want cap):
Make a cap of 100% (750xp) rewards for the first 40 WIN games for players. Next, set the limit to ~ 50%. (350xp for win / 100xp for lose).

My suggestion 2 (no cap but lowering rewards):
Reduce overall match rewards by ~30%. And remove the limit on the limit of arenas per day. (500 xp for win / 175xp for lose).

My suggestion 3 (best but unrealistic):
No cap at all. :upside_down_face:

I don’t say anything about azot salt rewards, because nobody cares about it. People play pvp in order to show their superiority and to stand out among the crowd (titles, skins, etc.).

P.S. There is no daily limit for expeditions in the game. So why would anyone think limiting arenas per day is a good idea? I hope this feedback will give you food for thought and help you draw the right conclusions from the current situation.


I appreciate the time and effort that you spent to come up with this suggestion! I just want to double check, have you checked the most recent notice we put up to address the Azoth cap?

Just in case, I’ll link it here: [Notice] Twitch Drops not Appearing and Daily Limit on Arenas

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Yes. So that’s why I came up with the following suggestions which I have described above.

Okay great, thanks for confirming! I’ll make sure the team takes a look at your suggestions.

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Definitely a step in the right direction, we appreciate it.

it’s especially nice when you got level 2 in the arena for a whole day, and those who agreed and got level 5 and higher in 2 hours by capturing the fort, this is apparently not an abuse


All limits should cumulative by week. @Luxendra please take this suggestion on the team meeting scope - it’s a BIG QoL benefit for all players, casual players.

sorry, but there is 2 point on that:

  1. hardcore players will always use their limits every single day so they never ever lose anything.
  2. casual players - usually do have not much time during the weekdays - losing 75% of the daily limits because of lack of time.

The 2nd point cumulates a big gap between hardcore players and casual players, which means lower the population of the players ready to do something together because big gap etc.

All current limits need to be here… but need to be cumulative. I’m punished by the game because I’m not playing every day… when I came to the game on weekend… sit and play for around 10h… I can turn off the game after 2-3h because all my limit is gone.
If I will not play 5 days, on the 6th day I should see that I can craft 60 Asmodeum, got 12 gypsums from the expedition, can do 18 faction quests with bonus rewards etc.

This cumulative version of the system will not make harm to the game/economy/gear progress. I think even on weekends players will now be able to do everything and everywhere but the punishment feeling should go away and ppl should have more motivation to play… I will be for sure.
What should be cumulate:

  1. Gypsum - every single source of it, per week, so 70 topaz, 7 emeralds etc
  2. Faction daily mission reward bonus, max 21 per week
  3. All Limits, faction shop, craftings etc.

If not the whole week, accumulate it for 3 days max - that will also help.

I primarily enjoy the pvp content in this game and don’t PVE grind mutators. Most of thr pvp crows is way. We do need a lot of Umbral shards to be awarded in this tra k to build out our gear sets.

Currently pvp players are forced into mutated dungeons for gear progression and that sucks.

The news about arena cap is good BUT let me choose if do arenas or another pvp mod… yesterday with my friends I did arena from 18:00 to 00:00 and it was fun, let people choose themself.
You should facilitate people do arena more because is THE ONLY pvp mod that require skill, opr and wars are the more casuals. BUT I understand you need people play everything, to do that change OPR, is not fun sorry.

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I know its early in the development process for arenas, but I really hope eventually you can for example queue as a faction during an influence push of a territory and the match has an actual affect on the influence pushing.

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having pvp-reward cap on pvp activitys like arena but not on pve activitiys like questing ist the most stupid shit u could have come up with!

on my server they spam quests and dont even fight each other to be more efficient in questing

well fucking done

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I completely agree with Relond. I have 5± different weapon builds, some of them BIS geared, all quests in game done, all M10 mutation closed many times. Only 1 thing in game what still holding high online pvp oriented players its sieges and 3 v 3 arenas. You can’t even imagine our disappointment when we encountered the cap of XP, our plan was farming arenas till we got sieges, but capped XP along with quests farming and abusing pvp kills destroying this expirience. Pvp reward track should be obtained most efficiently in the arena for victories, where the really strongest players must compete with each other and pvp quests, forts etc its should be just a LITTLE bonus, with 100-250 EXP just bcas u dont need any skill or gear to do this. Also we opened yesterday 180 outpost rush boxes in a row and got 2 legendary (which completely trash), so with rewards like this u can add this boxes to arena also. Thank you.

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