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I speak on behalf of most when I say that the EU servers are lacking population. Not only is this creating a difficult environment to play in, but searching for members to quest, raid, skill or even interact in conversation with is seemingly Awkward.

If you review the player count on EU they are on average 4-5 close to max servers leaving approx 20 with 500/2000 population.

Yeah it’s great if you are looking to skill as material gain is somewhat easier but let’s focus on progression as a whole. It’s 2021 and not everybody has 20 hours a day available to them. Especially when an hour or so is wasted just sitting there waiting for a party for an expedition. Less population creates less material coming into the market. They causes a high demand vs coin gain problem. Merged the servers that are dying. Or provide pre warning that some will be removed in order to populate other servers.

Materials are scaled high, population low, and more and more players are dropping off because the game appears too grindy. My suggestions for now are as follows:

  • Make market places globally accessible. This saves hard earned azoth and players can use it to actually go quest and explore rather than chase for the cheapest prices in market.

  • Create a team/group search system. I think I can speak for many that we are waiting for a good team to tackle the Motherwell boss? Having this feature allows those with a spare two hours the ability to progress rather than sit there burning themselves out spamming in chat.

  • create dungeons that pop up over the map from time to time. Conditions to enter the dungeon will require pvp to be enabled on entering. Dungeons will be mini in size and an opportunity for players to counter. This works well in Albion and it would be great content for the pve and pvp community. You could even make them a red zone so risk over reward and loss of items if you die. Just a few suggestions.

  • make future quests fun. Running across the map to kill three u dead and search a box is hardly exciting but in fact too repetitious. This will cause players to quit if content is lacking thought.

  • Reinstate the use of server transfer tokens. I myself alike many others are on hold and waiting to play with friends. I’m sure many have joined servers in error and would like to purchase another token but can’t. This could cause players to leave.

  • A global boss to be summoned if crystals are sacrificed? Great opportunity for pvp content and it would bring players together.

I will keep thinking and apologies for any grammatical errors (I’m sure there are lots ha)


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