SUGGESTIONS: Shield users


Yes, there are many suggestions for new weapons. AG knows about all the weapons in games/fiction, I’m sure.

There are many options for range, many options for melee, but the shield users have only one choice: sword. There are suggestions for a mace/shield, hatchet/shield, spear/shield. But the biggest qualm I have about shield is how limited it can be used.

Shield in the back should increase range protection from shots from behind.

Tanks can be pushed around like dominos. Add a CON perk for “Stand your ground”, to make it much harder to be pushed around.

Add when crouching with a shield, making it VERY hard to target. Captain America! :slight_smile:

Add a shield wall capability, that for each other shield around you, you get 10% more damage resistance. A group of shield users would be, as it should, nearly impossible to break through. 300! :slight_smile:


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Morning star or club with shield

Yo I am a Sword and Shield User as well… A Phalanx should be a thing in this game I surely agree people have little to no respect for actual tanks in this game… We die so often because there is not an actual reward for using Sword and Shield with 300 Con… there just isnt anything we are useful for.

Skelly bois get spear and shield, why not us?

I would love to see shield get a powerful thorns passive on block. Reflecting a good percentage of squishy range players’ damage output would give shield users a great purpose in all types of PvP. And this is coming from a ranged player :slight_smile:


Adding 1H weapons to use with shields will not make shields more useful. Plus, I find the sword looks like a saber when you swing it, does not look like a longsword. But maybe that’s just me. :slight_smile:

We’ll still be pushed around like dominos, etc…

Thorns would be amazing! I forgot about that one.

1- Stand your grand
2- Thorns
3- Shield wall
4- Crouch with shield
5- Shield in the back increases defense from behind

That would definitely change how shield users plays.

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