Suggestions to Fix Territory Warfare Killing Servers & Playerbase

After the second server I am on (got merged) is going down the toilet, I am going to give it one last go and post my suggestions here. With every underdog company/alliance/entire faction getting burned out and eventually collapsing in on itself, something needs to be done. The underdogs shed players to primarily other games, or in lucky cases the dominant faction, further amplifying the problems.

Here’s my list of suggestions, with some rationale for each:

  • Influence must be reversed entirely. The opposing faction should gain influence over time, where holding a Fort applies the usual bonus also to that influence gain rate.
    Rationale: A) The benefits to holding territory are huge, while the defender in wars has the clear advantage. B) Once a dominant faction/company is established, server is irreversibly lost. On many servers, the dominant faction has snowballed out of control so much they can even erase hours of push progress with the snap of a finger.

  • War participation needs a cooldown of at least 24h (thats what other suggest, I say more).
    Rationale: Every server has their dominant faction team participating in every war, often even the core team is combined out of the most active, geared and skilled players from 2 faction. This not only has any aspiring attacker face the same wall of experienced, coordinated and geared people in an uphill battle over and over again; it also wears out even the dominant faction’s A-team which has to show up multiple times a day. Letting the problem resolve itself is not how human beings work, once the effort is put in to get to the top spot people will not just show self-discipline, care for their mental health and let others have their turn.

  • PvE quests should contribute to influence gain - not in the way PvP quests do, but certainly at a minor rate.
    Rationale: Influence push should be possible as a coordinated faction/company effort, it is a great way to have people work together and build communities. Currently though this is the only way to do it, forcing people who are still willing to try into hours of grind; while likely all they want is have another (often meaningless) war.

  • Territory Owners should be able to donate resources to boost / defend their influence.
    Rationale: Core territory owners earn tons of coin and resources. There needs to be a way to remove this advantage while not diminishing the company’s efforts to get there in the first place. Therefore a territory holder should be able to use the additional resources to keep territory. My suggestion here would be that any item can be donated, providing a bonus based on it’s tier level and type (raw < refined < crafted = item loot). This would also give value to 0.01 coin / trash items; and spread out the playerbase accross the map instead of camping Orichalcum Ore and motes, or whatever is scarce in the current patch.


If anybody asks: 1000+ faction pvp missions completed, 1000 hours played, 25+ wars won (so I gess I was in at least 75, low estimate?)

I just typed this down, hope it still is somewhat concise. Thanks for your attention, I will go take a semi-break from this hell now until the next merge.

Addition: Bugs/unbalanced mechanics affecting territory control / wars must be addressed IMMEDIATELY, not with the next major patch. The IG bug & spawn camp mechanic currently dictating the war meta are only two of many things that stay in the game way too long.


I agre with the issue you presented.
I don’t think donating is the solution to anything.

One problem we have at the moment is that changing the way things work will create a rift.
All the servers I’ve known about had WW and EF with static owners.
This should be a red flag. (Dark red).
And should have been addressed sooner.
Anything done now, that doesn’t also address the huge amount of money those companies received, will be a half solution.

Regardless, a half solutions is better than no solution.

I agree with the war cooldown.
I think we need 2 other changes:

  1. Flat bonus for the underdog company; (how is this not a thing? I’m baffled)

  2. Defense must respawn at fort or have some kind of command post( like OPR) that enables rally point spawn but can be destroyed.

The best solution is to completely remove player influence over Settlements. Settlements become AI owned, with randomized faction owners every week and the map always balanced for all three factions. Make Wars another type of instanced content like Outpost Rush.
This solves a lot of issues and closes a lot of exploits immediately.

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