Suggetion to ingame

ADD raw stats to chat sheet - crit -crit dmg - luck and so on.

Make a crafting tracler that show hown much + you have via gear and trophies / how much is obtaineble could just be alittel fan under professions.

Make a tracker log for coin used and coin recived. Same for guild

Let guilds be able to make custom Ranks

More Space in banks. It’s a farming game where you should Pick up evrything you run past, now i see my self run past alot of crafting stuff cause i will have problems having bank space. Even materiale like iron that i need loads of i dont have space if i dont micro manedge. It has gone past anoying and sad to just beeing silly that you cant even have all your stuff in 1 space and that you need to spred it out.

And last for god sake reduce your ingame tax on trade station. Some items you dont even dare putning on market cause you know you will proberly lose 800 coins.

Best regard nozveratu

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