😤 Summer PTR Hype - Open World Legendaries

Luxendra posted:

:link: Loot Quality: We’ve also improved the chances that higher Gear Score items can drop from lower level creatures, giving a small chance 600 Gear Score items can come from level 59+.

:link: Economy/Progression/Perks: All enemies now have a chance to drop items at +100 gearscore higher then normal. Level 59-63 have an increased chance. (The 600 max and expertise still applies to these rolls.)

:link: Exploration: The following list of named enemies have been updated to level 63 so that they have the potential to grant 600 Gear Score drop rewards for players:

  • Edengrove - Baines, Cael, Adjorjan
  • Old Mykgard Forest - Unhallowed Soul of Mykgard
  • Nihilo Visage - High Priest Oseguera
  • Balebane Maw - Articulon the Unshackeld, Mozrul the Herald
  • Caminus - Caminus Gate Lord, Overseer Levy
  • Spilaio Cavern - Tzi-Wang the Immovable, Dau-Shen the Unstoppable
  • East Illurmin - Corrupted Excubitor Luca
  • West Illurmin - Pit Lord Daehi
  • The Congregation - Mirepaw
  • Lambent Muskeg - The Blight Bringer
  • Maria’s Rest - Smoothbore Samuel
  • Ska Makogai - Thorn of the Heartwood
  • Serenity Monastery - Gnasher
  • Skysong Crypt - Ivan the Inevitable, Mordici the Mortician, Slayer Rosellen, Farley

So… What you are telling me is I can now have my legendary fat body dad bod?


Guess I gotta refarm everything again :slight_smile:

Examples of what will be effected

Farley (59) → (63)

  • Burden of Despair of the Scholar
  • Baroness ( Epic only )

Slayer Rosellen (60) → (63)

  • Slayer’s Crossbow
  • Silencer
  • Fleshforged Edge ( Epic only )
  • Longbow of the Eternal Dream ( Rare only )

Smoothbore Samuel (60) → (63)

  • Buccaneer’s Bounty
  • Shot Across the Bow

Ivan the Inevitable (60) → (63)

  • Unstoppable Decay
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Járngreipr

Thought of you when I saw these updates haha! WOO!

Edit: We gonna need a condensed what exciting new things are there to farm list now! There is a really exciting musket but I do not think it is possible to get to 600 still but ill double check. Was exactly what I wanted too… hmm. What was it.

Edit2: FOUND IT! Ironbark Blaster - Item - New World Database
Looks like it might be possible! lvl 60!


A lot of people are going to enjoy the Slayer’s Crossbow and Mirepaw’s Fist

Also the ability to have legendary luck weapons of Bear Fur Recurve and Járngreipr

the fire staff isn’t bad aswell from excubitor luca

keen vicious chain lightning, alot better than firevine

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Also! mind explosion we dont even know what is good anymore! What if the perk changes create even new epic chase items! AHHH!


Oo just remembered that means I can get legendary Beginning and Carapace of Corrupted Rage too from Siren’s.

Hopefully this will revive armor hunter interest and make it easier to group and farm bosses.

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The range of level 63 enemies at present is something like 560-590 GS. So if you are farming these items, you would have a 1/31 chance that the item will be something you can upgrade. Did they say anywhere that they were increasing the drop range of level 63 enemies? Because technically they can’t “drop” 600 GS stuff unless their range is updated.

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This is good, but concerning. They’ve only been bumped to 63, not 64, which means the odds of them dropping 590+ is very low (but see below). All of these enemies plus the Siren elites need a buff to at least 64 so they’re meaningfully farmable.

The “loot quality” thing is encouraging but their wording - has the POTENTIAL to drop 600GS rewards - is not. Hopefully 63 has a moderate to high chance of dropping 590+ instead of the current small chance.

There are also some named enemies that have 500-600 gear that aren’t in this list. Hopefully they’ll be added!

They are making it so 59+ have a rare chance, so maybe the range is changing a bit? I wonder?

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@Crushmaster @VengeanceAE

The current version means getting a 590 from a 63 requires a perfect roll. That I get as I have farmed 63s heavily for the last few months with no luck :frowning:

I’m hoping that the quote about “improved chances” and Lux specifically referring to 63 mobs dropping 600GS means that all 59+ mobs can shoot to 600 - so a 63 can drop from 590 to 600 increasing my odds of hitting umbral range

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I hope the range is changing somewhat, because those are going to be super long farms, otherwise. I feel like this might be a little disconnect between the devs and marketing (like the rabbit event initially indicating that luck affected the change to get the chest). They say in the announcement:

We’ve also improved the chances that higher Gear Score items can drop from lower level creatures, giving a small chance 600 Gear Score items can come from level 59+.

But what it looks like from the actual PTR notes is that they have buffed some level 60-62 enemies up to level 63. I don’t see any level 59 enemies on that list.

I could be interpreting this wrong, but that’s my best guess on what this actually means.


I hope you are right, because as I’ve mentioned before, those are going to be some really LONG farms if the range stays the same. The non-elites should be pretty easy to solo, but the elites might need a group. I can currently solo pretty much everything on the list except for Baines and High Priest Oseguera. Mozrul and Articulon are touchy, and I can’t always finish. Hopefully enough players stick around that you can group up for it.

If they don’t adjust the range on PTR, we should really push for them to make them level 64 if they want to make it worth the time investment.


High priest isn’t a bad solo if you use a good self sustain - I usually clear the left 2 tentacles and pull the priest to the left of the stairs and face tank with Blackguard’s Greataxe. It was a source of income farming WS hats for a while. IDK if them bumping it to 63 will make too hard to solo.

I solo’d Mozrul and both Articulon to get a lot of the named armors so it looks like I’ll have to do that again for legendary versions.

I really wish we could just use umbrals on anything @500+ GS

I use a Trenchant Recovery Hammer, and I haven’t tried him solo in awhile. It was honestly the crawlers on the way in to High Priest that caused me the most trouble, because there would be new spawns out of nowhere that ended up killing me. When I’m in a group, I can usually face tank him without a healer, so I might be able to do it solo, too. We’ll see how the PTR looks, then I’ll decide if I’m going to try again.

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Looks like we are good

All enemies now have a chance to drop items at +100 gearscore higher then normal. Level 59-63 have an increased chance. (The 600 max and expertise still applies to these rolls.)


This is truly fantastic. I’ll be on the PTR farming the mangled area to verify what the GS drops are.

It only took me like 3 months to farm all the open world legendaries ( except Harbinger chests )… what’s another 3 more months eh?

I think there will be a lot of newfound interest on open world named armors once someone does a PTR review video on it.

If split attributes is applied this would top off at 21INT/10FOC;


Damn I own that other dude an apology lmao.

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Seems they forgot to “level up” the 3 named 61 Yetis from the Winter Convergence, wich also have their own named items.

Sesa e.g. which can drop Frozen Shadow, New World Database | NewWorldFans.com

Hope these poor guys will also receive a bump :wink:

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will have slayers crossbow ASAP and i dont wanna hear anyone crying …

That’s a really nice catch. That would give them more of a use, otherwise we kinda only have rafflebones at the end game. Hope the devs see this.

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