Sunsetting the Forums

Greetings Adventurers!

As we continue to explore new and amazing opportunities to meet and engage with our players there will be times where we will evaluate our current ways of engaging players. Forums are a venerable staple of the history of online gaming and have served as the primary point of contact for gamers and developers for quite some time. With the launch of our official New World Discord along with the features, functionality, and accessibility for players we have made the decision to embrace Discord as our primary engagement platform for New World moving forward. To help us add as much value as possible to our Discord server, we will be sunsetting the New World forums which will allow our staff to focus on providing quality engagement opportunities in a central, and easily accessible platform.

Our plans on Discord are constantly evolving and we will be looking to utilize the platform to the fullest extent. We will be finding ways to have engagement opportunities that encompass all aspects of Discord such as live voice, gameplay streaming, live chat, and forum threads. It will also offer easier and more intuitive access to community run initiatives like Looking for Group, Company promotion, etc.

You will also find us investing time into growing our presence on the New World subreddit, so be sure to keep an eye out there as well.

What does this mean for the forums now?
Starting May 1st, we will be removing the ability for users to post to the forums but we will be having them remain visible so that any sort of content that users would like to save will be available for them. During this time we will be cataloging all of the historical feedback that players have left, assuring that sentiment and feedback left is not lost.

After that process is complete, we will give one final reminder that the forums will be finally sunset, at which point our URL will be redirected to our Discord and other social media pages.

Thank you all for your continued passion around New World! We look forward to you all joining us on our official Discord. There are many awesome ideas we are going to be working on to help grow the fandom of New World that our teams are excited to roll out to everyone.

See you in Aeternum!