Super-companies are going to kill what's left of the game

I’m not telling you people to quit. I’m just letting you people know that these Devs don’t care. And complaining about the same topic for hundreds of threads. Is not going to change that fact. So, if such is causing you displeasure. Then your realistic option is clear.


You kind of are.

I absolutely disagree with this statement - I believe the vast majority of them do care and want people to love playing this game.


I am telling you people that others can make as many threads as they want. You aren’t the forum police. The topic was self explanatory. If you are tired of hearing about this topic then don’t click on it. Crazy concept huh?


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This topic deserves attention.

I have witnessed myself in multiple servers by one single company owning majority of the territories to the point the server becomes dead. It forces other players to leave the server. Once the server dies, that same company moves to another server and does the same thing.

I think there should be a system in place where either:
A. Implement seasons into the game every time a season ends all territories are forfeited and are up for grabs.

This will allow either a different company to have a chance to claim territory and be able to defend it or have more companies be able to have a chance at winning territories.

B. Limit the number of territories one company is allowed to own, for example one territory per company. Adding a restriction to companies with less than xx number of members to be eligible declare/own a territory. Also, adding a three-day cooldown after leaving/kicked from a company.

This will prevent shell companies (which belong to a bigger company) that have 1-10 members from owning additional territories. Having a cooldown after leaving/kicked from a company will prevent company members from a strong company to leave and join a shell company in order to claim additional territories.


Word. You could make $100k+ USD/Year ($50+/hour) and still be poor due to cost of housing and all living expenses in Irvine, CA.

But hey, you are part of the Amazon Games Family! Part of a project bigger than yourself. Part of the most customer focused gaming company on earth. [I’ve read Amazon Games Studio careers page. Yes, I was that bored.]

“We think big, are customer obsessed, and build our games with a relentless focus on quality.”

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This is old news. The player-controlled Settlement model was doomed to exploitation and ruin by exploiters and griefers.
It should never have gone live.
As a PvP feature, it actually ruins and discourages OWPvP, as seen by the results since launch.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums


That would be more effectively done If servers were single faction and they fought other factions in some cross server zones. You could then rotate servers each season.

The main problem imho is that PvP (and the economy) in the game revolves around exclusive instanced content. Settlement ownership should, from the beginning, have been at the faction and NOT at the company level. The faction as a whole should have benefitted from settlement ownership, taxes should have been automated based on residency, and town boards should have been the method for “voting” on governance upgrades. Settlement flips and invasions should have been open world activities that everyone could participate in. Open world pvp would then actually exist and have meaning.

What is current “war” should merely have been a GvG mode where people could fight any company (regardless of faction) for spots on a ranked leaderboard.



C: Don’t let companies set a siege window… Make all wars at the exact same time, mega-companies then cant send their players to defend all territories

D: Only allow people to participate in one war every 48 hours (cooldown)

Problem with lowering taxes is that the side territories die.

I would do three things:

  1. Cap periodic revenue based on settlement tier; Capital should cap around 400-500k.
  2. Condense invasion/war windows to 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm.
  3. War cooldown.

Bad news - they know. They don’t care.

Us alpha testers ran through the territory ownership and war systems with every exploit you can imagine (and then some) during its many, many iterations prior to release - and we left detailed critical feedback—en masse, with much of it even well-constructed—about how those poorly-though-out iterations of the system (even back then) were leading right here, to where we are now.

– they genuinely do not care. They just don’t. They’re making money on this right now, and they don’t care if they lose money in the future because of it. Imagine the greediest, scummiest, objectively-worst collection of human attributes that you can conceive of, and then guess how little that AGS shareholder cares about any of this - and then understand that the development directives for this game only care about keeping those shareholders happy long enough to spin this fustercluck into a profitable grave.

… THAT is the only development strategy that exists for this game. It has been since day 0, and it’s not going to change, ever.

This is unsolicited advice but I’m gonna give it anyway: save yourself a ton of stress and do what most of the original playerbase has long since done; uninstall this game, forget it ever existed, request a refund for the game and chargeback the purchase if they won’t give you one. Then, only if you’re feeling super gracious and can afford to be disappointed, do what I do and check the forums once a month for 5 minutes to see if a miracle has happened.



A betting system would do wonders for this game. Like the company bets its assets on the war and has a gain or loss depending on the risk it takes.
Low stakes, low money; high stakes, high win or loss.
The system makes the player who already has resources always richer.

Actually game is already dead. Even for big companies. Max 20k online and dropping everyday and few servers to make money. None left to sell all those gold. Those vampires waiting another game to pop up.Then all will leave to farm there .
You cant compete those greedy mafiatic organisations which will do anything if u stand in their path. You are just a player they are not.
Pandemic conditions and rushed alpha state game which is already hyped from start just to sell all those ppl who r at home looking for a game.

This was my major complaint in several threads in the 1.3k or so hours I had into the game months ago.

I watched 2 servers I played on be completely enveloped by one company using shells that just grew bored and left, all the while selling the tax revenue back to the players that paid it through rmt.

This was why I quit and my guild knew it because we had just been spawn camped the night before by said mega company. Amazon just doesnt care, they have no idea how to fix anything or any remote drive to do so.

This behavior has been happening since day one, it wouldnt take a genius to forsee this happening, especially if they ever played any other open world pvp game, this is literally the standard operating procedure.

I just dont see how anyone is enjoying running stockpiles mindlessly or doing the same handful of dungeons/mutations with absentee parents.

Really tired of hearing this lame excuse.
Despite the pandemic, Genshin Impact launched with great success and no excuses. Their patches were stable and filled with content. They polled every player with every single content release, even if it’s a week long event, and took the feedback seriously. Forum feedback wasn’t responded to but from the changes and periodic communication announcements, you knew they were reading and while they didn’t always give players everything they wanted, they were taking the issues seriously.

Completely different attitude compared to arrogant western companies who have inferior designs and inferior coding but apparently superior excuses.

In it’s first year: Genshin Impact generates $2 billion on mobile | Pocket | PGbiz

Genshin Impact is multi-platform (so there was hundreds of millions in PC revenue on top of mobile revnue), launched with no PvP, and everyone has instanced worlds with invitation-only co-op.
Here, PvP destroyed the game since alpha and continues to waste developer resources; and toxic communities of exploiters and cheaters ruining everything they possibly can.

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Genshin is as successful, if not more than Overwatch.

At least when it comes to Rule34. :kissing_heart:

People still like this game, that’s why they keep playing it. There are simply aspects that they don’t enjoy, that they would like to see changed. Shell companies controlling an entire map is not an intended mechanic. If a single group of 50 was intended to be able to control an entire map, then there would be no need for shell companies. But obviously, this is a loophole in the game design that you could drive a truck through, and gamers being gamers, they are going to exploit this as far as they can. Which is what we are seeing with the paid server transfers. Asking AGS to close the loophole is not an outlandish request.

I’m mainly a PvE player, so it’s really only the taxes, economy and managing of town buffs that affects my enjoyment of the game. If one super company runs everything, and they don’t jack taxes, hoard all of the mats I need to craft my items and they keep up the town buffs, then I could care less. But when they act like spoiled children and max taxes on all towns, or buy up crafting mats to resell at higher prices or just plain neglect town maintenance, then I have issues with it. If they were limited to one territory, it would be on thing, because you can avoid that territory, even if you can’t take it from them. But when they control the entire map, via means that were against the way the devs intended, then it’s something that players have a right to ask AGS to do something about.


factions are useless, and whoever runs the zones does not impact the average player. Even if they control a lot of zones at once, anyone in the game has the chance to declare against them.

If they’re transferring the tax revenues off-server, it definitely tanks the economy.

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it would only cause a deflation if companies saved up hundreds of millions of gold, but companies are spending their money on the market which circulates the gold again.
Besides, companies usually don’t transfer a whole lot as it costs each of the 50 players 12 euros

Problem is this game causes all the best players to join 1 company as they like to win. At the start people were spread well and was way more competitive wars, now all the top players just flock to 1 company to do wars and dominate. PvP players like to win and they like to spank people less skilled than them as it gives them a sense of superiority and power.

Basically turning into 1 football team with all the best players in the world playing against the Sunday league teams.

I’ve seen countless top players move severs, change company and change faction to join the ‘top’ company. Unfortunately people that declare themselves the best want to play with the best.