Super Fast Armoring Guide

Hi Everyone I put together a super fast armoring guide on how to level from 0 -200 the most efficient way possible. For those that are doing the event or just need to level armoring this video should have you covered hope you guys like it and have a great day!

Video: New World Super Fast Armoring Guide - YouTube


its a super fast guide hope u guys like it i try to keep it straight to the point

I rarely post. Your video guide was quick, to the point, and with a great breakdown. I will be following for your upcoming guides.

Great job man!

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Really good guide. i am using, but the numbers are little bit off. And right now i am at armoring so now i know what i need at least now xD thanks!

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thanks man that really means a lot
I try to keep all my videos short and to the point Iā€™m glad its something you enjoy and I plan on doing guides for all the trade skills like this glad to know you will be there

thank you glad you liked it