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Dear Amazon.

We hear hundreds of times that you give bans to innocent players. I partly believed that every player had something on their conscience until today. Playing like every day, I got information about the block for 24 hours. In the message you inform me that the moderator has checked the submissions. Now the question arises, do you have properly trained people working for you?
The support players should get is nonexistent. Blocking appeals extend over time. The time I had planned to play with the people from the company was gone.
For me, you are the worst support for the players. You can’t react quickly, you can’t solve the problem, innocent players who play for fun get banned.

Maybe it’s worth hiring a few GMs who will check the reports in the game before you put a ban??? Maybe it’s worth hiring a few people to help quickly if someone writes right away that they got blocked by mistake?

There are plenty of people like me. That’s why so many players are running away from your production. Change the approach to people, because they create the game, thanks to which you earn.

In addition, blocking the forum when the game is blocked???
Are you serious?

Once you manage to start a conversation, the matter is already settled in advance. You can’t admit to the mistake that the blockade went wrong. You provide no evidence or analysis.
Just blank text that based on reports and your ‘analysis’.
In addition, you ask players to send proof of their innocence, so I’m asking, what kind of proof should that be?

You are building your brand as one of the worst companies operating in the mmo industry. From countless in-game bugs to completely failed player support.

I’m assuming the topic here, if it is closed, I think it’s worth starting a thread on reddit.

I do not greet
Disgusted player.


876 / 5 000

Now another question arises, can we continue to farm resources?

The spots are full of people, soon more reports will fly that the bot is farming. Will I get a permanent ban this time?
I like this form of spending time in the game, but here it is clearly uphill. If you don’t have a good checking system, then maybe it’s worth checking if someone made a mistake after canceling. Talking to people at DC, they are all unanimous in criticizing you for the tactics you have with the players, these honest players.

Your only evidence is reporting and possibly checking if someone is running in the same places. Damn, resources don’t spawn randomly, they spawn in the same places, so it’s logical that everyone chooses the best way to collect them as efficiently as possible.

Or maybe it’s worth hundreds of thousands of players to give up this game, since the publisher bans the persistent anyway???

And for the validity of my above arguments, let me quote a thread that was started over a month ago and was probably deleted or ignored.

They reportedly redirected the matter to technicians, but I have the impression that this is the worst support for players you can meet in this beautiful world of games.

Link to the topic:

Hello @pyonyer,

I want to thank you for your valuable feedback, your comments are really useful for us to continue improving, regarding your concern about the ban for 24 hours sadly here at the forum we don’t have the possibility to review anything related to bans or appeals, if you have placed the appeal already then your case has been reviewed and corrected if a correction was necessary.

In case you are wrongly reported by some player as a bot you can appeal your case and the team in charge will verify that you are not a bot and lift the ban, if any irregular activity is found then the team will take the disciplinary actions needed.

Regarding the post your shared named “The Final Argument quest not working”, in that case and due to the nature of the issue a support ticket needs to be created from your end to review the case, sadly we cannot create tickets on behalf of players through the forum, this needs to be done through a support ticket or a live chat support agent.

Please let me know If you need further assistance in any other issue I’ll be more than glad to assist you on anything.


Agree with the OP 100%. The moderation team is brain dead, and the overall customer service is extremely lacking in this game. The automated responses from the moderation team void of any real explanation or detail is infuriating. The inability to escalate your case or engage with anyone where you can actually have a real dialogue just makes things worse. On top of that, the only people you can actually get a hold of (live support, community managers) that are somewhat friendly, will claim they have no access to look into your case, and you can only open a webticket to the ghost moderation team that is locked away in some bunker somewhere with their robotic auto response email scripts.

Treat your players poorly, don’t be surprised when they leave…

Agree 100%. Been trying to get a life staff fixed but all I get are the automated responses anymore. Even the ones that say they will call in 6 or less hours… got a call once and it was Amazon, not NW. So the Amazon person had no clue about the game and referred me back to here and bug reporting… vicious circle of nothing.

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I’ve even called Amazon HQ in Seattle, WA multiple times, and they admit internally even they have no method to directly talk to the AGS team. And yet again refer to the web ticket system to talk to the moderation team. I have to say I’m a bit surprised as Amazon overall customer service is usually pretty good, something is off here with AGS which seems to be operating on its own as a black sheep under the Amazon umbrella.

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