Support replied with a League Of Legends copy paste WTF?

So, i just wanted to share this story. The live support is amazing. I wanted to give a friend a skin, and they taught me how to give skins in LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. WTF???

Look at the conversation:

You are now connected to James from
Me [11:42:43 PM] : Issue: New World - Technical: Something Else
James [11:42:47 PM] : Hello, my name is James. I'm here to help you today.
Me [11:42:51 PM] : hi, how do i send a gift skin to a friend?
James [11:43:21 PM] : Just a moment while I check on this for you
James [11:46:28 PM] : Please try the following:
James [11:46:38 PM] : Press Esc while in-game. Click the Online button to open the Social tab. Select the friend who you want to give the item to
Me [11:46:57 PM] : and then what do i do
James [11:47:35 PM] : Do you get the option to choose the item to gift?
Me [11:47:49 PM] : i cant find
Me [11:48:10 PM] : send me a print pls
James [11:52:15 PM] : Just a moment while i check this for you
James [11:55:04 PM] : Through the Store
James [11:55:04 PM] : 1. Go to the store and click the gift box in the top right corner.
James [11:55:04 PM] : 2. Choose the friend from your list you would like to send this gift to.
James [11:55:04 PM] : 3. Select the type of gift (champion, skin, RP) you would like to send to your friend.
James [11:55:04 PM] : 4. Select the content you would like to gift.
Me [11:55:24 PM] : one second
Me [11:55:57 PM] : are we talking about the same game?
James [11:56:13 PM] : New World
Me [11:56:49 PM] : you just replied me with a copy paste from league of legends, which is a game that isnt even owned by amazon
James [11:57:49 PM] : Sorry, meant to send this:
James [11:57:51 PM] : Press Esc while in-game.
James [11:57:51 PM] : Click the Online button to open the Social tab.
James [11:57:51 PM] : Select the friend who you want to give the item to.
James [11:57:51 PM] : Click the Trade button – this will initiate the trade. ...
James [11:57:51 PM] : Drag the items you want to give into the box on the top right under “Send”
Me [11:58:04 PM] : trade??? what do you mean i said skin gifts
Me [11:58:06 PM] : what are you talking about

Where is the support beeing hired at



Hahaha! The same outsourcing company also works with Riot games.


i truly dont understand, this is upsetting when everything is unreliable including the support.

BTW, in the past i contacted ags regard amazon prime and they said that no i cannot get the prime skins unless i had it before i bought the game, so i bought prime anyway and guess what???

I still was able to claim the skins LOL. Jesus christ


I wonder how many other games they handle.
No wonder most customer service persons nowadays in so many games are completely clueless.

Honestly if there are so many tickets, it would be better to have a small department of in-house staff who learn what’s going on and – most importantly – handles tickets correct the first time.
Instead of outsourcing to a big company that handles too many clients, doesn’t learn your game, and screws up, generating more tickets.
I bet you the cost would probably be around the same because big companies that source business for their workers take a cut, so you’re not just paying for those workers. On top of that you’re paying for inferior service.


Cant wait to get 10cs a minute in new world!

ima be rich BABY!

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It may not be economically viable necessarily to do that - just to use random numbers for example:

If you pay 10 well-trained guys to spend their time on tickets, but you have to pay them $30/hr+, it is comparably cheaper to out-source overseas and pay 30guys $9.99/hr to do it poorly. If every 2nd ticket is solved incorrectly and needs to be reworked, that’s still like, 50% more cost effective.

Obviously it all depends on the $ figures available. But if AGS just out-source to a random tech help-desk overseas, they don’t have to even do the training and save even more money! Trade-off for consumer goodwill.

Two weeks ago I took several hours to analyze and create a thread explaining that their whole customer support and the ban system is broken and extremely unprofessional.

[Critical issue] Customer Service / Support / Appeal feedback - Game Support / English Support - New World Forums

But the thread was moved, locked and @Luxendra forwarded to the appropriate team.

Now we are even getting CS representatives sharing League of Legends troubleshooting steps for New World.


just like in my topic of terrible customer support, has been almost a week since my problem and they still havnt fixed it.

Terrible customer support

the CS for this is non existent i guess.

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It’s hard to give you any customer support when you behave like a monkey.

No matter how anyone is behaving he should at least get support for the right game! :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

So, did you get your new LOL skin or not?

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Thats what you get when your entire CS is from fivver


Amazon Games Support of probably also handle Prime Gaming.

That’s probably the script for LoL redeeming skins from Prime.

No, It’s not. The support guy clearly wrote about gift feature in LoL client.

Thank you OP, love this :heart_eyes:

It be like

you put 100% effort on developing this game (ofc it’s nowhere near 100% for us, players. but let’s just assume this is your 100% :frowning: )
but you only put < 1% effort to maintain a good CRM <<<<<< this is the main reason why people left.

You have to increase your support team budget. don’t let high-schooler ruin the “pretended” AAA game.

This deserves a bump, what a joke.

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