Support RTX 3080

Actually, the question is quite simple, have you got rid of the problem of a burning video card of the 3080 series at the moment?

Wasn’t only about EVGA card ? With defective chip ?

They have replaced those who have burn

it is better to ask once than to wait for a card from repair later :smile:

A quick search on this forum, would have grant you many awnser too :slightly_smiling_face::beers:

The answer is simple too:

New World did not burn up a single video card.

Now the long version:

New World did expose flaws in improperly built cards through permissive settings on the login screens - those screens have long since been capped. GPUs, like CPUs, are designed to protect themselves through throttling once they reach certain temperature or voltage thresholds. The GPUs that failed here early in the game’s life didn’t do that.

The highly-hyped 3090 meltdowns were very public, and so was EVGA’s response: It’s our fault, build errors. They were even shipping new replacement 3090s before the old ones got back to them.



I play new world since september with gigabyte RTX 3080, set max fps to 144hz in nvidia control panel and never had any issue with perfs or temps.

Have a good day !

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im using a 3080 founders, no problem here 1800 hours in since launch

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@Zero-one-zero I use a 3080 as well. I have had no problems running New World or any other game for that matter.

Was the 3090

New world had nothing to do with the manufacturing defect. NW is just poorly optimized, and does take a bit from your GPU to run it as efficiently as possible.

Some other game would have eventually caused them to malfunction. Nothing to do with NW.