Support ticket answer does not match request

I reached out to support and created a ticket about a company that changed their name to reset faction influence and cancel the war.

This was the response I got… Why would you not even read my comment?
When I said I was unhappy with the response, I was prompted to call and the lady on the line said that AGS does not accept calls. How do I get an answer? Are the people using this exploit going to get away with it? Will the person we reported in game be banned?

Hello @LadyInRed,

I’m sorry about this, did you report the company here? Report a Player or Company - Support | Amazon Games if you did and that was the respond you got, please go ahead and create another report and attach any evidence you have, links to any screenshots/chats would be good if you have them. Not sure why they responded with that answer, I apologize for that.

Hope this gets taken care of, take care.

Hi, I created a second report and had people report the person in game. I am sure you guys can look at the logs and see the name change done right before a war. They are letting all the crafting stations deteriorate because they are just wanting to sell the town and transfer servers.
I want to know what is going to be done to these exploiters? Are they going to get away with it?
You know how buggy this game is and some of us still play it but when low life people get away with exploits that make it even worse for us… That’s when we cannot continue overlooking.
I just want to know what will happen to that person. I provided the character name and company name in the ticket.
Trust me that NO ONE accidently changes a company name before a war…

This pretty much the standard treatment most of us are getting, they don’t read what we send in and half the the time the response bares no relevance to the topic at hand.

Hope you don’t mind but I’m gonna borrow your post as evidence to add to my thread here;

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Share away! The more awareness the better.
I stuck around even though some of the bugs/changes make parts of the game unplayable but screw around with my quality of life in the game and get away with it…? I have a line.

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I feel your pain. The support doesn’t seem to even read the tickets. We have a Syndicate company on our server that intentionally tries to throw wars/invasions.

She promotes it in her twitch stream to throw certain wars/invasions.