[Surprise!] I've requested all my personal data from Amazon to find out more about why I got a warning

Taking bets on whether or not AGS officially responds to this. I’m putting my entire life savings on no response.


Farming iron in places you don’t belong is ban worthy! :upside_down_face:

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This is true.

I got mistakenly 24hour banned during the voidbent dupes fiasco, and went back-and-forth via e-mail with them, until they finally admitted that it was a mistake on their part and that they don’t have records of trades, or how items enter the economy.


I’m not trying to be troll here but I’m not sure what your complaint is about. Are you just trying to make Amazon look bad? Are you trying to claim innocence? What is the end goal here? It appears you received the information you asked for which would not include any investigative reports made by an Amazon employee or the complaints from another Amazon customer that are in some way linked to your account ( by email address most likely). So that information is there and stored just not required in the GDPR. So you got the GDPR as required. What now?

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the lack of notes on what bans are and why some are marked as “expired” rather than closed or open is a huge cause for concern as to how the hell can a player defend themselves from mass false reports? OP also doesnt understand why his language was abusive enough to deserv a warning, i can understand not giving details as to when accused of cheating but surely the comment in question as abusive can be pulled out? different people have different levels of whatis and isnt considered abuse like “fuck me that was a spicy meat ball”, im sure there are some who would report it because i swore, context also matters as well since you can be abusive without actually swearing.


I have already said before; They do know why you got banned, they do know what’s the context, but they are explicitly not sharing with you. It’s just a matter of waiting for a lawsuit to happen.

I created a thread not long ago to try and explain why the customer services needs an internal audit as soon as possible; [Critical issue] Customer Service / Support / Appeal feedback - Game Support / English Support - New World Forums

But the thread was moved and then closed, saying that it was forwarded. But then we get stuff like this:

Support replied with a League Of Legends copy paste WTF? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums


How exactly does context matter in getting reported? Please give an example of how context can make an innocent person look guilty?

I can only imagine how much you payed people to post or how much duped stuff you have in your account to be bumping the thread like this :rofl: You have your own personal cheerleading group.

The information is very much lacking. How can they decide a punishment even less a ban with so little info…


Yea, games 20 years ago had better logs and better CS…

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abuse can be circumstantial. i had one guy in our guild get temp banned for referring to crafters as bag makers, given that they were the most in-demand item at the time and any crafter able to make the good bags, myself included, was making decent coin. this was during a conversation on who to bring to the war.

alternatively giving someone advice can be seen as abuse if they end up repeating it multiple times because the other player is still doing the wrong thing.

there are also false bans which are the issue here, if you’re gonna ban someone the least you can do is actually have a real reason with it, in case of banned for verbal abuse they can and should tell you the line in question. as the member who got a temp ban was told it was due to the bag maker remark.

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They do not have to give you info they or someone else created, only what was COLLETED and stored about your system and inputs. Anything some one else added (ie. the report on you) they do not. They have to show your data they stored not theirs.

Everyone sure is quick to jump on a bandwagon of some rando who claims he is posting real logs with zero proof.


Well… if this is real, I can see a sht-storm brewing…

This explains why it feels like alot of people get mass reported and wrongly banned. Looks like AGS does not even check if the ban is justified they just check the number of reports coming in.


it shows he was banned for bot like behavior and is now throwing a fit over it. Not once but 5-6 times.

AGS did not ban this guy without proof he is up to no good and breaking the TOS. Now he is trying to evade a ban with public opinion.

ALSO this looks like complete bs of a post.

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You are referring to the reports that OP made. Those were not filed against them. You would know this if you could successfully count to 100.


It’s possible the database that aggregates all your Amazon user data doesn’t receive/store/display all of your user data. So they need to confirm if this is the case and fix that surely. But if this is the case, then it’s possible they do see the correct data for player reports. We don’t know until they confirm.

Nothing particularly surprising about this. MMO developers/publishers have largely abandoned the idea of individually fighting cheating/botting in favor of various detection algorithms and auto-bans. It’s not particularly effective, but it’s a heck of a lot less expensive than active policing of servers.

Well, it’s pretty unethical, but if I recall correctly, their documentation says they can terminate your account without a specific reason…

So there’s not really anything to go after them for except “you’re a poo company” which… is like telling major news channels that they lie and obfuscate.