[Surprise!] I've requested all my personal data from Amazon to find out more about why I got a warning

oh no, how tragic

Your conclusion on this, may be faulty though.

The penaltyContext after all, is a submission by someone else. As such, it may contain private information related to that person. And as such, under GDPR, AGS may actually be in violation to share that information with you without prior consent of the other person.

I wouldn’t consider it unlikely for all requests of personal data under GDPR, to return an empty penalty context in that matter.

But ultimately, there’s only one way to find out for sure. Have more people submit these requests.

Several options here. First of all, perhaps an oversight in the request. Perhaps. Try doing another SAR specifically asking for your chat logs. Alternatively, chat logs aren’t generally stored. But rather only within the context of a report a snippet of chat is stored accompanying the report.

This is hard to judge really.

None of us are privy to the ‘actual’ conversation between the OP and Amazon employee, nor do we even know who the OP was talking to, Amazon Game support, live chat, appeal process, 800 call in line… In fact, we do not even know what he asked for exactly so this is all hearsay other than a supposed answer to a conversation we cannot see and what appears to be his own interpretation not a copy of the actual answer?

The OP demanded the statement he was ‘warned’ for under GDPR and the customer service person provided some details, it does not suggest this is the only storage area for this data or that the customer service rep sent him everything.

Pretty sure sure GDPR covers personal information about you, not your pixelated toxic spew to others in global chat so no, I do not think they have to send you this when you start demanding things under GDPR.

I already explained this, just keep chat in game limited to game chat and refrain from saying anything you would not say to your mother if she was the person in game you were addressing.

Pretty sure what they are saying is that you have the chance to appeal. Did you follow the actual appeal process on the warning?

It might not make sense to you, but perhaps it is something such as the information involves the names of other players and this would impact their privacy?

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Either the ingame chat is not stored in a log or they didn’t send me the chat log of all my messages as they should have. Because, well… my own written messages are data that they store about me and therefore should be sent to me if requested.

Either way, both would be bad.

I did what they asked me to do. My initial contact was via a support ticket in the category “why got I banned?” or “I got banned wrongfully”, something like that. Because there was no category about warnings, I used that category.

Again, how can I have a chance to appeal if I don’t know what I am accused of? It’s like the police banging on your door saying “You have been reported and we give you a warning for misbehavior, but we wont tell you what you was reported for or what exactly you are accused of, so you wont be able to defend yourself or learn from mistakes.”

You should have a look at this:

i dont know but after i’ve read this and saw what is happening to many people i dont even trust a word of ags anymore. ^^

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If amazon doesn’t save the data that resulted in a ban, how can a ban be justly appealed?

I’ll give you an example. Someone banned for offensive chat. If the chat isn’t stored, how can it even be proved to have occurred?

If it is stored, AGS have broken the law with regard to providing information held.


referring to crafters as “bag makers” when it was the most profitable thing on the trade station got a corp member banned for a day for abusive language. that is also the answer they gave him when he tried to refute the ban. what is and isn’t abusive is up to the individual.


The problem is there is no evidence for them not having that information as opposed to simply not providing it at all, or it not being part of a closed ticket.

That is, when we submit an in game report for example a coin bot spam, that message is copied and submitted. Reasonably, it can be concluded that this information is sent to a database somewhere.

I can’t comment on the legality because I have no expertise in that field. However, I can speculate about programming related stuff if provided with accurate information.

Maybe you also need to request your personal information from League of Legends

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So how does even AGS or the customer service outsource company verify that the worker did any work at all?
Would be a great feature for cops to just jail people without collecting any evidence for the record – except in the real world we call that CORRUPTION.

Actually, in a PVP focused game where tempers go high, specially if you beat someone and they don’t like it, this reporting recording is very unacceptable because it means there can’t be an appeal process - meaning someone can’t go through data to verify a report.

I actually am not going to spend any more in the cash shop until there is a response and this is changed because I am not going to invest in my account if it can be banned, without scrutiny and an honest appeal process. This is not some kind of an ultimatum it is just I don’t have confidence to spend.

I would say this is a crucial matter right now.


It was a crucial matter since beta when players tested the mass-reporting system and basically found that it works. And weeks ago on live when mass-reporting apparently works even though AGS keeps arguing that they have real people looking at reports.

The appeal process is simply your chance to provide a counter to the warning or ban and for AGS to look at your specific situation again and either rescind the warning/appeal or uphold it.

You were reported by multiple people to have this land in the lap of a live person. That person reviewing the file DOES have the statement that was reported as this is sent off the in-game abusive chat report feature.

Again, one-sided hearsay…

I have seen complaints from those that get banned that were involved in a lengthy toxic conversation in chat that then claim innocence on one statement such as ‘bag maker’ when their spew was ongoing before and after and the phrase they were suggesting is innocent when looked at on it’s own, had negative connotations attached to it on how it was being used in that chat conversation. One example I saw was someone that stated they were banned for simply mentioning ‘Taiwan is a Country’ but failed to provide the context of the conversation. They returned after the ban and repeatedly the exact same thing in global and provided a screenshot. Interesting how there were a lot of Asian names in global at the time chatting where this person continued to just type the phrase ‘Taiwan is a country’, I am sure the offender simply felt the need to continue to provide geography lessons in global every time someone with an Asian name would type rather than this being discriminatory toward anyone…

So while everyone might jump on the bandwagon that something like ‘taiwan is a country’ or ‘bag maker’ is not an offensive/abusive statement, context does matter. In fact, if someone is being coy with the chat abuse, I suggest that people that do decide to report other players, use the extra detail space to mention the comments before or after that show a nefarious intent with the sentence you are reporting, ie. Every time someone with an Asian name speaks in global, offender spews the phrase ‘Taiwan is a county’ over and over ect.

Again, all of this is hearsay and comes from the mouths of those with the warning and bans and of course, they would never ever do anything wrong…

Little story… I was falsely mass reported in-game for ‘disruptive conduct’ and filed an appeal on my warning. This was corrected quickly as is the case with most players that are not actually guilty of the offense listed for the ban when filing an appeal. I then followed up my appeal with a request to take action against all of those that reported me.
nw ban appeal

Arguing against hearsay is not productive so I will end the discussion here with suggesting that people keep in-game chat friendly and limited to game conversation and if you feel you have been falsely reported, file an appeal as I know that the appeal process does work when someone is unjustly reported as I have had firsthand experience with it.


Thanks for that, gives me a bit more confidence in the appeal, report system.

No evidence. No call for any further process. Typical moderators, no training, no experience, just jack boots and power.



I hate that people are allowed to use this as a negative example, yet if I said “Taiwan is definitely it’s own country.” because democracy, it’d be banworthy.

Again, it is often not the words themselves but how something is being used.

This is not a discussion on whether AGS is too strict with abusive chat warning/bans as I am someone that sometimes will engage in a little ‘chat pvp’ at times in games. It was clear early on that AGS was a bit less tolerable to this sort of behavior than other developers so I quickly made the decision that I would stick to pvp in the open world rather than in global chat in this game.

The way I look at it, terms like ‘abusive behavior’ is subjective and if you know a company has a little more strict policy with something like this than other games you played, just simply refrain from engaging in chat conversations that go outside of discussions related to what is happening in game and if you do engage, put on your big boy/girl panties and be ready for a possible warning or ban if others feel offended and report you.

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