Susanna not spawning

Dumont Destro
US East

Susanna will not spawn, checked beach and cave.


Same issue, multiple people waiting on it.
Checked both the Cave site, and far beach area.

US East
( Img taken after_ waiting at least 10+mins in both locations. )

Please fix or update the quest with the correct location Devs.

Thanks so much for reporting this. I have passed this on to the team.

gator might be below map as the gator symbol is on the compass

2hr later and still no dice. Going to play Grounded until tomorrow!

I see Susanna’s health bar in the rock ceiling above where the captain spawns. But no way to interact with it. This is halting main story quest progression, please fix.

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I’m also on Valhalla, can confirm that Susanna is still not spawning and the quest is unable to be completed. There’s been a large group of players waiting around for over 30 minutes+ trying to complete the kill Susanna part that can’t and now have their progress halted

In game name Ashen Knight

I found the frisky gator inside the cave at the upper terrace right by the big chest. I did have to reset the mission to get both the gator and captain to spawn at the same location.

she spawns in the Cave. Next to the Big Captian.

Same, found her in the upper part of the cave FINALLY!

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