.Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected

after update today I have every a vew minutes issue (see pic.)
I was using and I am still using xbox controler support app reWASD, but from today there is this issue! my game name- Mahavishu, EU server-Abaton.

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Have got same issue, time by time getting kick

Me too bro, same problem :roll_eyes:

Edit: Verify integrity of files, 2 files were acquired. Thanks

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Same here. I don’t even have stuff like overwolf or whatever installed.

Edit: I made a file integrity check on steam, 1 file was replaced and it works fine now.

Trying it right now! Thank you

Hey folks,

Sorry to hear about this suspicious software issue.
Will gladly assist.

Yes, @leedarhed is right, let’s start off by performing an integrity check.

Log out of Steam. Perform updates on everything, Windows, Steam, EAC.
Next run Steam as an administrator, open your library, select New World and select properties, verify the integrity of game files. Run it again.

If it doesn’t work, we will need to view those logs. You must contact live support so we can do that. You can use this link:

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Best wishes!