Swan Song Rapier in OPR BOX

Afther over 700 OPR boxxes i never seen Swan Song Rapier i think AGS is kidding us… and it feels bad… IS someone there who get this rapier because i dont see any rapier drop since patch 1.3 in my invetary…

I got 2 swan song from opr cache, hope you got it someday

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i have all other leggy weapons from OPR boxxes only not the Swan Song and the Blunderbass i cant belive that this what i want to play is not comming for me :frowning: this game is so bad…

I have a 625 swan song rapier from OPR, I’ve done thousands of OPRs though so more than 1000+ caches opened to get only 1 swan song.

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i have it

I have it.

im curious why you want it? its pretty trash.


I got it, is it something good or what? I just said cool and put it in the storage… Not even grinding opr tbh, the max Im doing is 2/day lately 0/day.

took me about 200 caches? gl bro! i believe

its you dont dps with it and use it for its abilities as a sidearm with tondo, its very nice

Its not even good as a fighting weapon. Refr evasion and refreshing fleche is pretty bad on a weapon, isabellas rapier would give you much more damage. or try to craft a rapier like I got after release, keen+ench+jagged, its still the strongest rapier I ever tried.

Got it twice already.

yeah its def not a dps rapier, more a utility, for cooldown reduction and adding bleed with tondo, my main dps rapier is still FR


Where i can get this plz? Final Respite

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Final Respite - Item - New World Database Lazarus

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bad rapier , was good before the cooldown nerf.
does nothing now.
you can take any rapier instead of this and will work better or same
jagged is a joke , like 20 tick for 5 sec lol.

if you get double bleed plus tondo its pretty nice

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i run that ring its crazy could do without the lifesteal, keenly jagged in 3v3 imo will be very good i have a few builds ready with big DOT

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yeah , love the tondo but i cant seem to use it after evade nerf.
you always need evade ready after tondo .
and that just not possible with this cooldowns.


I’ve gotten it 3 or 4 times…and legit salvaged them all.