Swap up some attribute bonuses str > con. Rework some bonuses

So if you think it logically for example 300strenght bonus (gain grit while light/heavy attacking) just screams TANK bonus. It should be instead 300constitution bonus. Then that 300con bonus should be lowered to 250con (+20% duration for cc)
Also that 250strenght bonus (stamina while attacking) feels like its tank bonus. It could be on constitution side too, but not necessary. Though it kind of feels like its not really so good for pure damage builds rocking high strenght. You wont be usually dodging all the time and blocking. So it would fit tanks more.

though if we think it further that 300con bonus +20% duration for cc would actually fit strenght more. As strenght already have bonus to deal more damage when enemy is cc’ed (slow root stunned etc) so it could be 250strenght bonus and then at 300strenght there could be something to go along with that for example +10-15% crit chance against slowed/stunned/rooted enemies or 2.5-5% chance to cause ministun/root when attacking with light attacks for 0.15-0.20seconds and 5-10% chance with heavy attacks for 0.5seconds.

Now 100con bonus is kind of useless. Gives you hp of 10% your physical armor. Now for light and medium armorsets this is plain useless. Even for full heavy armors its kind of useless. You get something like ~350health from this in general. Instead it should scale with con so it should be something like 5-10% bonus from your max hp. So if you run something like 300con and have around 14k base hp. You would get extra 0.7-1.4k hp from it taking you to 14.7-15.4k hp.
You could easily lower critical damage reduction bonus from 150con to 100con. then put up stamina regen bonus from 250strenght to 150con. 200con would be armor bonus.
250con could be cc resistance bonus or that grit bonus and 300con could be grit bonus if 250con is cc resistance.
if 250 con was grit bonus. 300con bonus could be something like gaining ability to cause ministun or small knockback (deflect) when succesfully blocking with shield 3times in row. so it interrupts enemy attacks for brief moment.

in general blocking should be more rewarding and tanking too. At the moment blocking with shield is kind of pointless in pvp for example because all debuffs go trough the blocking. even if you nullify whole attack. Debuff still gets transmitted so almost all of the weapons have somekind cc on them to cause knockback / stun/ knockdown and many others to break blocking EVEN IF YOU DONT TAKE ANY DAMAGE from them aka fully block it. you still get that debuff and block breaks.
250-300 con bonus could also simply be debuff immunity when blocking succesfully with shield for all basic debuffs. So it might not work for some bosses.

edit: could also put note here that something like 3 hits to cause deflect would be realistic and not so op as a lot of weapons in pvp for example cause quite high stamina damage. Hence really kite / towershield would be somewhat viable for this in pvp. Round shield block gets broken easier so from heavy hitting weapons it could easily break before triggering that deflect/stun.
In pve works mostly against weaker monsters, but for hard hitting ones it would mostly work with tower shield only.

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