Sweaty bois what would it take for you to play on the new FSS?

So I am looking for small and easy to implement changes that could be done to FSS to get you to play.

I am fully pulling from little changes like d3 seasons.

I know some of you say you can 60 within a week.

Initial ideas are.

  1. Account wide Titles and cosmetics for hitting 60 and maxing out trade skills, M10 etc

  2. Acess to a fourth house in brimstone with potential for 600-600 crafting.

  3. Increased node spawn frequency.

  4. Practice wars that anyone can participate in as an alternative battleground.

  5. Increases dungeon caps.

What are your ideas or is there nothing that would make you try a fss

Oh all the sweaty bois WILL be there. Don’t let them tell you otherwise


Don’t know,
It is akin to having the license to fly but requiring you to be lvl 60 before you can buy the mount.
is it really that worth it (60 in an older school MMORPG sense)

One thing you get used to is having is plenty of coin
Handling content with ease making coin flow like water.
I assume. I don’t have the attention span for it but anyway.

I think having yearly fresh start servers would be cool if there was a twist on them. Honestly I just want to wait for the rest of the early experience (25-60) to be revamped before I really get into the fresh start scene. Possibly even an official Ironman mode implemented as well so I can re-experience the beginning with that active as well.

For now I think it’s just best to provide returning players a way to play in their own environment for 6 months before they become legacy as well. Then I’ll hop on the next year’s one probably?

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New World won’t last another year

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Good effort, but this is literally pointless, you think AGS will maintain two different versions of the game running? You are nuts if you think that, also, FSSs won’t be isolated forever, you would be foolish to think that, they might keep them locked for a few months but eventually at some point for sure they will be opened to transfers and everything.

I mean technically they said that it is 6 months - potentially forever so we do not have a confirmation that they will merge. I think most people are assuming they will be for those reasons. To prevent fragmenting the community, prevent it impacting future development such as cross-server queues is just one example, etc. So who knows they could be forever, but I think that will not be healthy for the game. Totally for fresh start servers but doesnt make much sense to keep them separate forever.

Why not? ArcheAge have lasted 5 years with less than a peak 3000 concurrent players. If MMOs like that can, then so can New World.

Nah it wont

AA was actually good at one point and didn’t have server lag and desync issues for over a year.

Archeage has lots of choice and things to do New World has a grind followed by a grind

Someone’s been binging Dr Who… :slight_smile:

Can confirm. I already have a Company lined up. I have stopped drinking caffeine and am adjusting my sleep schedule so when FSS release I will wake up just as they release and I will be drinking energy drinks so that I can stay awake for 3 days straight and rush to GS625

I rather place my bet that you will still be here in the New world forum after 1 year.


oh fo sho

What makes you think that sweaty bois wont join FSS?

Nothing. Id rather sleep with my head in my cats litterbox for a month than be forced to find my luck trophies, gear, void ore, level up my trade skills - again … yeah no thanks. I have 2K + hours and ive seen 3 loaded dices in my characters lifetime. THREE with max luck (2.9 on gear and weapons + 2.8 on bags + trophies + food) within 2000 hours - my luck is garbage in this game. People take like 2-3 trophies from a run or two - i havent seen any trophies with my full luck gear for almost a week now.

And besdies that im still in the opinion that they are dividing the playerbase without any reason whatsover. And the reason people want fresh start servers is because they are to lazy to catch up - simple. After a month those servers will look exactly the same as regfular server - people thinking overwise are delusional. You can level up to lvl 60 on PTR in ONE DAY - ONE! And if more experienced player will go for fresh start - then all of those returning players are in for a treat - i can’t wait their first war the first week against 50 pvp sweats in lvl 60. KEK


Why in the hell would you want to start over again? To get the great leveling experience? To grind all the Shit again? If it’s Not forced PvP FSS i can’t Imagine what to enjoy on this Servers. Maybe Hardcore PvE Players will enjoy it.

The third Char Slot will be a Problem. At the start the Servers will be full and maybe closed soon. After a while Most people will realize it’s the Same Shit on another Server and will Switch Back to their Main Char and the Servers are soon dead with no Chance for a merge or Transfer.


Personally i think something like seasons in Diablo 3 would be a better choice for those wanting the legacy experience - but that wouldn’t work in new world. Why? Because gear acquisition if you’re not lucky is a pain in the (you know what) xD

They should do hardcore Fresh Start servers, where death is permadeath and you have to start over.