Swim in new world?

Hi everyone, I don’t know if this topic has been discussed in the New World forum yet. But I have an existential question…

Since the official release of the game, we have seen again and again that it is impossible to swim, something that in my opinion should be essential in an MMORPG inspired by the discovery of a “new world” I have a thought that keeps me hoping that one day we will have an expansion that brings us a new island to investigate, conquer and farm. And that on that new island we have to travel on ships -in my opinion the ships would be an incredible addition to New World, for LORE and setting- Perhaps with this addition in the future the swimming animation will be activated, something that games have since the Playstation One. Something simple, which is needed on some occasions and/or gives quality to the game itself.

The only thing I can hope for is that Amazon Games is really working on aquatic content -Whether it’s ships, naval combat, underwater content, etc- I can’t imagine that the boys and girls at AGS don’t take into account the lack of such necessary animation and basic in an open world game, and that soon all players will be happy with new aquatic content or swimming animation, excuse my bad english, hopefully we will have that soon!

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There’s a few topics about it and also an active topic about it.