Switch New Worlds Focus to PvP

Dear @Developer

I understand that you were trying to make a game that appealed to both PvE and PvP players, however with the limited resources and constant issues you are failing on both fronts. PvE players and PvP players want different things, and chase different highs.

Take Mutators for example, designed for PvE primarily and those players chased it quickly and then got bored, complained for more content and then jumped to Lost Ark. While PvP players have been here all the time, still pushing wars and OPR (even with the dwindling queues causes by mutators).

I think as a game you need to switch focus, make PvP the primary driver for this game. I am not saying remove PvE, but let it be secondary and have Lost Ark be AGS’s primary PvE flagship.

  • More focus on balance, weekly not monthly.
  • More focus on new weapons.
  • More focus on new gear/perks/etc.
  • PvE/Story content quarterly only

people who switched to lost ark are just people who preferred that type of game. even PvP players switched to it. so Lost Ark is out of question honestly. PvE content and PvP content can be both done, and honestly thats what its been doing just I can understand you not wanting to do mutators as being a PVP player.

I think mutators was shitty for most of it and was hoping at least two ways from PvE and PVP to obtain shards. new gear is slow regardless but we only got a new weapon type a month ago and like like 18 new weapon/armor perks. Maybe some sort of PVP arena will be nice just for fun and some rewards. Since everyone is wanting that. and some content that fields more onto mid to high level interest that benefit both PVE and PVP mid level players (this is the main boundry where new players tend to stop playing)

fuck it, why not just make a overhaul on wars and invasions, and add a daily limit for wars. (may sound bad but this allows more people to play wars besides the same rosters)
more people doing PVP stuff means PVE base will like more PVP stuff. we need both sides want to be interested onto playing each others favorite.

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A daily limit on the wars a person can participate in is not a viable solution, and I’m not even sure people that govern territories picking the same people that they know for their war rosters is actually a problem.

I agree with most of what you’re saying but I’ve seen that idea a few times and people should just give up on it. Different OPR maps/scenarios would be super cool imo. Like Conqueror’s Blade. And arenas bc people seem to want them though I wouldn’t be that into it. Merges will bring back open world PvP (at least temporarily). And then if you really want to be in a war and can’t get in on other companies’ rosters, push a territory and run a war yourself.

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Yeah I’m fully in the part of new world needs to actually sort out it’s shit for a bit then needs to refocus on it the assets that they’ve got that are good and stop copying shit from other MMOs that don’t suit the play style as well

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the issue is that companies in several servers form other companies to somehow abuse the roster and only get their own in. People are unable to even try out wars on some servers. thats why people recommend 24 hours.

but i like pve… lol

Maybe they should add PvP dedicated servers once the merges are finished and give out transfer tokens?

Kinda like the language preferred servers.

Being an opr addict thats all do 90% of my playtime in New world i can tell tell you that the majority of New world playerbase doesnt care about pvp .
And this is why you got the same 15/20 peoples on each server right now waiting for hours before starting an Opr game’ (and it could have been worst if you didnt have gypsum reward in it) wich result mostly on boring game with unbalance team with casual being spawnkill despite the devs added 2 more exit at spawn T.T…or team with 70% of his members unable to check a Baron timer and contest it.
Focusing only on the pvp aspect of new world would be a terrible idea .

No just PvP wouldn’t bring this game back, they can both be done just fine as other major MMOS have proved that.

I personally wouldn’t play if it was just PvP. They just need to fix the issues at hand and begin Merging faster. I know the House persistence issue is the main cause so all we can do is wait.

i mean if that company is the one who pushed attack and claimed the land , why shouldn’t they be allowed defend it themselves ? honestly the dumbest suggestion Ive heard , just think about it. If this game was IRL or what ever and someone attack your land , your own people are going to defend their own land not some randoms you don’t know. secondly they not abusing wars to kick you out , in wars you literally pick what 50 you want. Now invasions i can see an argument for not allowing them to kick players and get their own guys in. But then if they do that you will have people from other factions trolling the invasions so you lose. Which this is very easy to do , just take all the repair parts. Don’t say people wouldn’t troll invasions either , because they do and they have on my server to us before after us deciding ok we will let some randoms in and go for it and what happened ? They trolled and took all the siege supplies. So thats why people don’t allow randoms into the invasions

Invasion and war should have an impact on people that own a house on that territory … to encourage dweller to participate to events :slight_smile:

pretty much these companies only control the land of their faction and n1 is able to join onto a siege from your faction regardless of being known as a friend. they can defend it sure but 24 hours will allow a shit ton of randoms to engage into wars, also I can agree sabotage can be shit. my server never even had a sabotage yet in a invasion. I would however suggest the defender allows who to take repair parts like grant certain persons with permissions to use.

in a game i played there was a neat UI that allowed permissons on anything possible by rank1-10 and 1 ofc was given to almost everything besides construction materials which was used for siege towers and spawn points so adding something like this could work. the goal is to get everyone involved doing both things. if PvE players arent able to go into a war without joining the super guild factions its kinda the reason honestly why PvE players dont care about pushing influence and wars at all. push influence/pvp to just not be able to ever join a war is lame.

This is not true, OPR numbers have dropped due to PvP players forced to do Mutators to get Umbral Shards. Not because they don’t care about PvP. When/if Umbral Shards are added to OPR these numbers wil rise again.

War numbers have not dropped at all, that is PvP content and proves people care about PvP.


Even in server with Dinasty mutation rotation wich most players dont do to save orb for M10 Laz/Gen the Opr are in the same r.i.p status , if its not a indicator for you i dont know what you need.
And the Umbral Shards addition to Opr will only “force” the Pve players to do more pvp…

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Why are people still comparing new world to lost ark. Lost ark is absolute dog sht. Yeah there’s pvp but there’s also pvp in runescape and league of legends.

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idk people are just mad NW isnt fixed so they just compare AGS publisher game with NW and go dang why wasnt NW like this. even though their completely different genres and was playable since 2019 which had loads of content already. just hyped up advertising amazon is really good at.
Lost ark is great for people into that but honestly its just people who prefer that genre more.

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stop listening to us players. clearly we do not agree on anything.

even lost ark has arenas… please listen the community and put arenas in the game with nice rules such no life staff in 1vs1, etc.

Busiest server on US West-Camelot and PVP is dead. OPR can’t even get filled cept for 2 times a day around 3-5pm. Not enough people playing.

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