Switched from dex light bow/spear to STR medium spear hatchet

And can kill people and don’t die in a second.

Time for a break and hope game is fixed at some stage.

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They should at least remove the ark and increase the velocity on the regular attacks, and give it the same range as the fs.

Hatchet / Spear is no damned joke. I stack bodies like cord wood. Not sure why everyone is all about GA/WH cuz I wear them out like yo mommas panties!

Hatchet/Spear is kinda like the single target version of GA/WH

The ark is already lost…

I use light, have 331 dex and use a spear but I do zero damage to players but I take a ton… I can’t even stun a player for more than .5 seconds…

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I feel like you need to be a really really good player to make spear and bow work well and the moment you get out number it starts to fall off a cliff depending on the set up of the other player

thats why nerf rapier timers was a really clueless change.

the only way a light user can handle others is kite and damage. but i dont think this game can be perfectly balanced considering 1v1 and tons v tons scenarios

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