Switching weapons

There is a weapon swap bug where when you swap weapons it doesn’t properly show which weapon you have equipped

I.E. Shows, I have fire staff and fire staff abilities but I actually have my ice gauntlet out


Or you have your void gauntlet and commit suicide while blocking:) once I get it to 20 I will not touch that thing until it gets fixed.

Stop being so negative

they didnt fix it because it just happened to me again. What is negative about informing them of that ?

Stop being so negative, it’s fixed.

Been a “feature” since launch.


It’s not fixed. It’s been present in every version of the live game.

Huh? Do you mean the void gauntlet with the blade ability iis messing up blocking or the Harvest Essence ability?
Harvest essence is when your VG turns HP into MP and there’s skills on it’s chart to lessen the amount of hp it takes

Love it

It happens to my wife, my friend and me included EVERY TIME almost EVERY teamfight in a OPR escenario. Its a nightmare. Please check and fix this. This is a nonsense.

PD: Its NOT fixed.

No, I mean, when I try to change to different weapon to block, but it switches back to void gauntlet I try to block but it converts my health to mana…

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Happens to me all the time with great axe and hammer. Can’t count how many times I’m sitting in the thick of it in OPR trying to use shockwave and I’m there holding my axe with everything on cooldown like a moron.

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