Sword Ability Glitch

When having no weapons equipped, then equipping a sword, I sometimes have an issue where none of my sword abilities actually trigger although it tries to play the animation for it on my screen.

I have asked other users if they see anything, and they do not - they only see my character walking normally or standing still. They do not see me triggering abilities.

I am able to recover by either swapping weapons or using a standard light/heavy attack.

  • My attacks do no damage ( as seen in the video ) but the tracking still tries to apply.

New World - Sword Glitch - YouTube

did you run Steam’s local file verify? Seems only con-current to you so sounds like a bad file/s possibly. I haven’t read/seen any post/s describing same issues so that’s why I suggest that

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I run it before every session due to some specific problems I’m having regarding fishing that I’m working with the devs on

I’ve had this sword issue for a while, just finally got around to recording it

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Thank you for reporting this bug and for being a bug hunter, Walruss. I’ll send your video and your report over to the devs.

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