Sword and Hatchet need more stickyness on attacks

Why cant you hit nobody with Feral Rush when they are simply walking away from you?`
Makes no sens for a “movement” skills.

Same for hatchet autos and SnS autos. Just walk away and Pot. Its stupid that melee has no tool to ever catch up.

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So you are playin ss+hatchet, one of most broken builds there is and ask for buff? Rlly?

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Most funny topic of the day. I play for fun the Cancer Combo SNS hachet with the tiger instinc. Doing 20kill 0 death on OPR once a day.

You are definitly doing something wrong.

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If you get catched by that build you are bad af.

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I think i play on a very competetive server. You cant combo into anyone with a rapier as the second Feral Rush hit will always be riposted and you cant dodge it due to animation lock.
Its much worse if your enemy isnt an idiot.

Most healers are just to stupid to instant weapon swap into riposte between the first and second Feral Rush hit. Once you play on a server where everyone knows that its different.


Im on DryTre, the most competitive serveur in Europe so im not sure what you are atalking about, or maybe you just dont know how to play it ?

I do this combo mostly to shudown archer, and when u combo Leepin + bash + berseker + feral rush, most of the time they are dead. OFC you need best item and very low CON to maximise your damage, but in this case, they cant press riposte since they are stun lock,so they just die.

Ofc if you chase a healer or an archer with a rapier, and he run and doge, you will never hit him with feral rush, this is legit.

I mean im sry you are stupid. Can you read???
Feral Rush is a 2hit animation lock. First hit breaks stun. Second hit is 100% riposted.

Ok nevermind you are just a bad player.
See ya


You have no arguments. So pls spare me with your random bullshit.

Right? People don’t seem to understand that there are lots of counterplay options against SNS/Hatchet. Also, running glass cannon and not expecting to instantly die when you are attacked by another class cannon is hilarious.

first hit is a stagger and a root you can’t riposte the second hit unless you had grit when they hit you with the first hit.

doesn’t matter what cheese build you use, you cannot beat desync in a 1v1 ever… XD

Problem is that Feral Rush is high commitment and wildly inconsistent against moving enemies, which is the point of the OP. It was not always this way; there was a time when you could easily stop Burnout or Fleche with Feral Rush, but those days are gone.

I think everyone is hyper-focused on these glass cannon combo builds, but I think they’re fine. The people playing them are taking extreme risks as well (215 STR, 200 DEX, 100 CON Light armor is the most popular version). And they are hardly non-interactive or unkillable. Glass cannon builds only have themselves to blame if they get caught; they made the Bow easier to shoot, but a lot of players are really behind on their survival/kiting game. These assassins will also lose against most bruiser builds unless they have significant support–not to mention they may die to glass cannons if any mistakes are made.

That said, I have seen Feral Rush fail even against stunned enemies before. Usually because the Feral Rush hitbox fails to detect on the target, so you end up sliding against or past it.

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im not arguing its OP. Feral rush hitbox is gigabad, also most of the hatchet weirdos on the big servers run 50 con so they are even squishier than your leading on. I was just replying to aaaadm since he thinks you can riposte the second attack of feral rush but you definitely can’t.

It is possible to consistently riposte the second hit.

Just spam riposte and the desync will get you there.

The issue is this works consistently. Intended or not.

Might also be a bug with their dimi ished cc chain mechanic.

Or you are bad af with that build :slight_smile:


No. S&S is already good enough.


SNS Hatchet does not need any assistance keeping on top of people. It has enough as it is rofl.


I promise you that with any melee weapon you cannot kill anybody who is light rolling and running away from you. Basic pvp gear. No weapons.

Whatever weapon you choose will be unable to kill them simply because you have to stay still while they can run.

All you gotta do is dodge GA dash and SnS leap. Everything else will be unable to hit you while you are running. And you will never get enough dmg to get through one pot refresh cycle.

You clearly don’t play the game. I have 250 arena wins and this isn’t the case.