Sword and Shield Tank - War / OPR / Invasion Credit

So as a primary Tank, I feel the tank role doesn’t get enough credit for actions. Like I was in a war this week. Did not die, had 122 assists, was on all but one capture point, our company completed the war in 10 minutes and I placed extremally low on the board. My company totally know the value of our tanks and if we did not “do enough for credit” we are compensated but that seems like there needs to be another way to evaluate war points, Like how much damage did you take vs how many deaths and how many capture points could be awarded (if tank was on point for the full flip 100 points if only 10 of the flip, 10 points (something to that effect))

OPR is another one that it is extremely difficult if I play as a PVP tank to make 500 points. Again I get in there take the hits I am not always attacking as I am using the shield so I don’t get the assist points. Usually I just go farm mats or do PVE in OPR because I am a tank, I take damage not give damage! that’s not me role. Anyway just a thought.


same, i was a tank before and no credit to me at all. the system needs to recognize these type of players because they are critical to the game.



“ON IT!!”

“Great work, we won!”

“But I got…nothing?”

“Yeah but you held those capture points we needed you to, isn’t that rewarding enough for you?”



Simple fix @Shadow_Fox:

Blocking damage should count as points, since healing points count.

Player assists should count more as well.



Just hoping this gets some attention. I have posted this same stuff before. Tanks need damage received/mitigated stat


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