System Inflation early on

Dear Amazon,

It took your dev team half a year to implement an inflation of systems. Why on earth you need 2 times the Same system for upgrading Gearscore but name it different for the last 25 GS?

Why is gypsum still in the Game of you raise GS by 25? You can get rid of this gypsum BS and only use Umbral for the last 25 the Rest you just get by equiping an 600 GS item and everyone is good to go.

Nononono, instead we get an system on Top of a system wich is much Easyer to get because you also get it from the old system wich rewards umbral than and also from Dungeons WICH you have tu mutate wich is also another system you created on top of your normal Dungeons. Or you just craft 600gs items…. What you think will happen?

As long as your Barrier to enger a Dungeon is stupidly high and time gated…… (dungeon and time gate btw……) what are you thinking ppl will do amazon? Only 5-10% will ever play your mutated dungeons as long as you do things like that….

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