System Messages and Server Lag

Any time there is a System Message (Invasion, War, station downgrade, station upgrade, conflict state, etc) several issues often arise. Most often this results in a significant delay in chat posting and response which is detrimental during PvP especially. Occasionally other delays will occur -gathering nodes will lag and then bug as available despite being consumed, fish will lag and the line will snap despite a successful reel-in, player weapons will lag and remain “sheathed” on the players back despite being in-hand, player movement occasionally lags as well and causes short distance teleporting and rubber-banding.

In order to resolve these issues a complete log-out is best but the chat delay can sometimes be resolved with a return to character/world selection.

I am level 42 on the US West server: Ophir. People of all level ranges often ask in Help channel about these issues so I know its not isolated to my faction, level, zone, or my own system.

Hopefully this is an easy fix as its quite bothersome needing to re-log frequently just so my chat and gathering can run smoothly.

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The root cause of chat lag from what I found in closed beta is having filters on your chat feed.

Every time I had lag chat what worked is turning all feeds on (global, area, recruitment) and then switching them back to muted.

It became second nature now that when I see “X started upgrade” to instantly just flip those.

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